HOLLYWOOD—I was really hoping the Devil storyline would be done after Marlena had an exorcism performed on her in 2021 on “Days of Our Lives.” Well, America, I was so wrong. The Devil has been lurking for a few more months, and again almost all of Salem seemed blind to what was going on. First, it jumped from Marlena to her grandson Johnny, who wrecked all kind of havoc before the evil jumped into his twin sister, Allie who has been causing all sorts of chaos.

So it looks like the culmination is upon us and guess what America: I’m happy. Why? The writers dragged out this story far longer than what they should have. Instead of becoming riveting it became stale. Johnny dumps Chanel, hooks up with Gabi, fractured her relationship with Jake as she took over DiMera Enterprises, just as EJ DiMera is sent to the slammer.

Since all that has transpired, EJ is out of jail, Johnny was near death with Ben courtesy of a back from the dead Andre DiMera people. Johnny had finally been freed from the evil and after being rescued by his father, EJ and grandmother, Susan, Johnny was hospitalized for injuries he sustained courtesy of Andre. Ben was a madman trying to find Ciara who had been kidnapped by Allie. Making the situation more complicated was the fact that Ciara was under the impression courtesy of Evan that Ben had been murdered.

Look, Ben and Ciara are poised at some point to become the next power couple on “Days of Our Lives,” but I am tired of seeing them on my TV screen and part of every damn story that transpires in Salem. Now that we know that baby boy is on his way I’m hoping Ben and Ciara gets the happily ever after they deserve and the writers give us a break from these two so we can focus on other characters in Salem for a change people.

I found it so ironic that Johnny was first with Chanel, then lost her, and now she has gotten closer to Tripp, who was with Allie, but they broke up when he discovered she slept with Chanel. Yeah this foursome is damn complicated, but I feel like Tripp and Chanel might become an item and Johnny and Allie will be left out in the cold, even if ‘The Devil Made Them Do It’ motive is pushed.

Now that the Devil is still lurking secret is out, EJ, Marlena, Jake, Rafe, Samantha and the entire town of Salem is rallying to rid the town of evil once and for all. However, that is NOT the only tale people. Eli has finally come out of his coma, and Lani is ecstatic, but you know who is NOT: TR. For reasons I cannot understand, Paulina has bought this guy’s charm and suspects that he is reformed. Paulina, c’mon you cannot be this gullible. TR is hoping reframing this love affair would save him from the consequences of his actions.

TR made a move that involved Beth being beaten to a pulp to prevent her from spilling the tea about Eli’s shooting. FYI Eli cannot recall exactly what transpired people. However, Abe senses something is off about TR and considering that Abe used to be the Police Commissioner if he has a hunch it is for a reason people. Xander is working overtime to get that serum to treat Sarah after Gwen swapped the real one with something that scrambled Sarah’s brain.

He pleaded to Gwen to understand the predicament she has placed him, Sarah and a ton of others in Salem in. Gwen tearfully professed her love to Xander before handing over that serum. She seemed remorseful, but Abigail is pushing her buttons and the fact that Gwen now has nothing to lose makes her dangerous.

While that was happening the sibling rivalry between Gwen and Abigail will continue just as it became aware that Gwen did indeed murder Jennifer’s mother. So Abigail has more ammunition against her foe, but the question becomes what will Abs do with this information and how can this change everything? Leo begged Craig for another chance, but he sent him to the curb, just as Chad got news about a double life that was exposed courtesy of Leo. Hmm, looks like Leo is out for revenge against Chad and Sonny for blowing up his world. This could be interesting “Days of Our Lives” fans!