San Francisco Police Department

SAN FRANCISCO—Police have detained two suspects and are looking for two more involved in the fatal stabbing of a Dodgers fan after Wednesday night’s Giants vs. Dodgers game near AT&T Park.

San Francisco police Sgt. Danielle Newman spoke with San Francisco News confirming Jonathan Denver, a 24-year-old male dressed in Dodgers gear, was stabbed a few blocks away from the stadium on Third and Harrison Streets during an altercation between two groups. Denver was taken to the San Francisco General Hospital where he was later pronounced dead due to his injuries.

According to Sgt. Newman, Denver left the stadium with his brother, his father and his father’s girlfriend during the eighth inning to a separate venue a few blocks away from AT&T Park when they encountered another group. At 11:30 p.m. there was a verbal dispute between the two groups that led to a physical altercation, but “all parties left walking,” said Newman.

The disagreement was not settled, and the two groups clashed again at 11:49 p.m.; approximately 90 minutes after the Giants beat the Dodgers 6-4. It was during this second meeting that Denver was stabbed. The weapon has still not been recovered.

The suspects in custody did not attend the game and Sgt. Newman did not know whether the two were wearing Giants’ regalia or not. She indicated that the groups’ deadly confrontation “could have very easily been” related to the passionate rivalry that exists between Giants and Dodgers fans.

The Dodgers play the Giants again in San Francisco tonight at 5:25 p.m. The Giants baseball team stated on their Twitter feed that they would be holding a moment of silence in honor of Jonathan Denver at the game.

“There will be a full compliment of police at tonight’s game and around the venue, and we will be wearing Dodgers uniforms,” said Sgt. Newman. “We [San Francisco police] want to be clear and advise anyone there will be zero tolerance for any kind of violence,” Newman added.

By Amanda Macke