HOLLYWOOD—This week’s “Empire” wasn’t what you would typically expect. The Lyons family actually started to get along.

The show begins with the morning after of Lucius and Cookie one night stand. You would think the pair would get back together, but not quite. Lucius is still on the verge of getting married to Anika.

Speaking of “Boo-Boo Kitty,” she confronts Lucius the same day about his agreement he made with her father. Leading up to questioning why he screwed Cookie in their bedroom the night before.

Speechless, Lucius played the victim by blaming his actions on his illness. Well Anika is no fool. She pushes Lucius into marrying her sooner, next week! She also demands that he announces their big news at their All-White party, in front of Cookie.

While Lucius doesn’t know how to tell Cookie he’s not planning on leaving Anika, he does manage to bring her and Hakeem together.

Hakeem finally opens up about why he has so much hatred against his own mother. He thinks she loves Jamal more than him. Things have also been heating up between Hakeem and Camilla, but she seems like she’s trying to take advantage of this young boy, which Cookie dislikes.

The Lyons family, all but Andre have been recording their Legacy Album. Andre’s plans to take over Empire soon come to a halt after Lucius gets news of his games. Andre, unlike the other two brothers, is the only untalented son in the Lyons family who decided to get an education. He feels as if he is the most hated in his family.

As him and Lucius exchange a few unpleasant words, Lucius informs Andre how he has lost all respect and trust for him ever since he married a white woman.

The All-White Party turned out to be a success for Jamal even after he revealed his secret about being gay. Jamal confessed his sexuality in his performance, which really flustered his father.

The next day, the news was buzzing about Jamal sexuality, which angered Lucius into wanting to quit the Legacy Album with his family.

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