UNITED STATES—I tend to push this mantra on people more than I expect, but I think it has its level of importance. It is so easy for a person to have a bad day, but more importantly it’s easy to change that bad day into a good one by brining positive energy into your aura. Some people tend to think if I’m around negative energy all the time, by default I’ll be negative as well. I don’t agree with that assertion and I’ll share why.

It’s like making the argument that if I sit around fat people all day; I’m prone to become fat. We tend to believe that notion that correlation equals causation, but as many of us already know that is NOT the case. Just because two things show similarities does not 100 percent indicate that one causes the other people! This brings me to the question of the week: do you prefer to be surrounded by positive energy or negative energy? Of course most of you will say positive energy, but seriously think about that because I feel more of you enjoy negative energy more than you’d like to admit.

Why? Some people begin their day with negative energy by discussing those in their lives who are negative. Let that mess go. You cannot control another person’s behavior no matter what you do. The only thing you can do is say your peace and let it go. If that person continues to blab about things that are starting to get on your last nerves, it’s ok to call them out on it. Tell them if they don’t change their ways or thoughts you are going to distance yourself from them until they do so. Why? It gives you the opportunity to ensure that energy is no longer impacting your day or your thoughts.

I am a firm believer that you get what you put out there, and if your psyche is about everything going bad in your world, how can you expect anything good to be ushered into your life if you’re not focusing your energy on those things. That’s precisely the point; it’s never going to happen! Now it’s not as simple as just hoping for something and expecting it to happen. That is something unfortunately I do not believe.

One has to be willing to put in the work or have a plan in place to bring those riches that they are hoping to accomplish. Think of it this way: if I want a million dollars by the end of 2018, me just sitting on the couch and waiting for a check to come in the mail is not going to happen. One has to be active to draw those types of things in their direction.

I do believe a person who is negative all the time can be reformed by forcing them to channel their energy into other avenues: i.e. things to keep them occupied and things that bring about joy. What does that mean? Focus your energy on the things in life that matter and are important to you. Don’t spend time focused on trying to CHANGE a person who no matter what you say or no matter what you do tend to have the same excuse time after time. It’s like beating a dead horse, the only thing that is going to wake that person up is that person themselves. They say you are what you eat, guess what, your energy is what you make it!