Fitness App Gym Tuck Is A Must


NEW YORK―Gym Tuck is an expanding website and app that has established continuous growth due to its ability to help customers adhere to a fitness regime that is specific to their needs. Creator Joshua Lipsey has a profound background in fitness which has made it possible for him to create new fitness techniques that have a lasting impression on the body.

Lipsey decided to put his professional basketball career to a halt after injuring a disc in his back as it was a chronic condition. During his healing process with various physical therapy sessions, Lipsey began coming up with exercises which helped him slowly regain his strength.

Since then, Lipsey has made a name for himself as an excellent source for improving individuals’ body and health. His private studio, Core Concepts, opened in 2010 which focused intently on how to work on the core muscles. This led to the release of a series of DVDs titled “TransCOREmation.”

According to his website, his training specialties include “functional stability, strength and conditioning, abdominal stability done through combination, dynamic and functional movements and holds.” Lipsey is able to use his expertise to assist all his clients, many of whom are celebrities.

Lipsey’s most recent project, Gym Tuck, was launched in 2013 as a free fitness website and app which allows users to set a realistic goal for themselves. “The best motivator is through goal setting,” said Lipsey. “You want to be true to your best self and set long-term goals. Gym Tuck is a perfect opportunity to start fresh and get an amazing workout.”

The app allows you to choose your difficulty level to then view various short clips that contain exercises which focus on nine different muscle categories. Afterwards, you are given the opportunity to challenge yourself by making a bet on how much you believe you can accomplish with the exercise. This provides the incentive to push yourself to achieve the goal you have set out for yourself.

The full version of the app is only $15 which gives customers access to over 500 exercises. “You’ll never get bored as you’ll be able to workout through the entire year and create your own program,” said Lipsey.

Developments are looking to be added to the app some of which include the ability to create a playlist and to pick favorite exercises. This app will continue to grow in order to facilitate the needs of the users for them to see improvements in their body and physical strength.

“It’s always nice to see something you’ve worked so hard on to actually launch,” said Lipsey. “I have been working on it for the last two years and it is gratifying to see how much it has grown and how it continues to progress.”

By Ivetta Babadjanian