SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, October 13, a great white shark was seen eating a seal near Alcatraz Island.

Tourists captured live video of a 8 to 10 foot great white shark snacking on a seal carcass near Alcatraz Island. Seals are one of the food sources attributed to great white sharks.

As seen in the video, all the tourists see at first glance is just a pool of blood. The great white shark then shows up in front of the camera, close enough to the tourists. After the shark finished its meal it disappeared back into the ocean without encountering any humans. Risk of the shark actually attacking anyone was extremely low.

Experts say that this is the first video footage of a great white shark eating it’s meal in the San Francisco Bay.

Only five sharks have been recorded as being spotted in San Francisco over the past two years. Experts have noted that sharks have never actually made it far enough into the bay, so they are surprised that the animal was able to make it all the way near Alcatraz Island.

The one and only shark fatality that has been documented in San Francisco area occurred back in May 1959.

There have been several shark sightings along the coast of Southern California recently and experts are attributing this to the incoming El Nino.

Back in 2013, the great white shark was added to the endangered species list.