HELLO AMERICA!—America, even the world looks for new and exciting blood to keep things boiling in the entertainment industry. I remember meeting men like Mike Frankovich, Jack Warner, Louis B. Mayer, Richard Zanuck, Jr (my former boss), Arthur Freed (arranged for me to meet musicians Andre Previn & David Raksin-Laura) who were all obvious winners.

Mr. Mayer made it very clear to me that a choice had to be made when vying for longevity in this business. “It’s a sacrifice, a big one for some,” he insisted. “You have to make a choice between a normal life and one which demands most of your time and interest; otherwise, you won’t last very long. The interest and the applause will be very short, if you don’t understand that.”

Miraculously, for the New Year 2016, we have found four of the most promising future Powers- That- Be who have already created quite a base of mass excitement for themselves. Danny Gardner, Matt Bolton, Michael Plaster and Eric Zuley are the four creative-industry forces predicted to make a difference in 2016.

Danny Gardner impressed audiences with his performance on the 3rd season of HBO’s Def Comedy Jam (All-Stars Vol. 12). He has enjoyed a career as an actor, director and screenwriter. He is a recent Pushcart Prize nominee for his creative non-fiction piece Forever.

In an Instant is published by Literary Orphans Journal (http://goo.gl/nM1Rz3). His work has appeared in Beat to a Pulp, Out of the Gutter and Noir on the Air. His debut novel, A Negro and an Ofay, is published by Double Life Press. He is represented by Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberley Cameron & Associates. He lives in Los Angeles and originally hails from Chicago.

Matt Bolton has been knee deep in the music business for over a decade. Fresh out of college, at the age of 23, Matt secured his first label deal with Ron Spaulding at Fontana Universal. The partnership birthed releases including the album “Lately” by multi-platinum superstar Billy Ray Cyrus.

A few years later, Matt purchased majority shares of long time standing Arbor Records, and grew the company to 86 signed artists, massing a catalog of over 7,000 copyrights. In tandem to his label, Matt has a prominent management company housing, 2015 RCAA certified platinum producer, Brandon Paddock, alongside some of the world’s largest DJs including Montreal megastars Adventure Club and the online sensation Klaypex. Currently,

Matt heads the world’s first 24/7; satellite syndicated EDM Television Network called EDMTV. The company was formed in early 2015 and now represents over 320 hours of EDM content. After partnering with Verizon in early September 2015, EDMTV launches a multi-channel linear broadcasting site that mirrors its antenna station in Irwindale CA.

Michael Plaster hales from Austin, Texas. He arrived in Hollywood willing and ready to take on any challenge set before him. While in Texas, he worked with several partners interested in entertainment, real estate, software; he even established several businesses including restaurants, pubs and software patents.

Not long after testing the business climate in Hollywood, especially entertainment, he was hired as a producer, under an independent Chinese production company. They quickly assigned him to several projects which are now in development. The company has been recognized is a bridge connection with Hollywood and Chinese film producers and financiers.

Plaster has proven to be a perfect conduit for their film development purpose.   One would believe that this overwhelming film responsibility would be totally time consuming but this guy from Texas is not dismissing his passion for training in 10th Planet Jiujitsu, under Master Eddie Bravo. Plaster is also producing Eddie’s mixtape style documentary series which is set for subscribers, including over 60 schools from around the world. It is quite clear that he is not only progressive but aggressive as well. He in the production area is continually looking for stories, characters, worlds which can be translated into different mediums of production i.e., film, series, video games, virtual reality and graphic novel. Without a doubt Michael Plaster, the boy from Texas is anxious to raise hell in ol’ HOLLYWOOD!

Eric Zuley launched his hot EZ WAY magazine that has caught the interest of every active, functioning entertainment member in Hollywood. ZWAY’s objective is to show people how to monetize their mobile; how to broadcast better!, how to get more FB followers or check out the newest beauties who walk the runway and EZ Way shows you how simple it can be. Eric Zuley’s objective is to make EZ Way a People magazine of live streaming and social media.

There is something for everyone! There is a FANS choice section for the fans who will decide what should go in that section. Naturally, the Fashion and Beauty department is well covered. Zuley stressed the point that this is about the magic journey and experience in Hollywood, so covering the many Red Carpets and more will be at your fingertips. It is the ONLY publication that has its own IN-HOUSE RECORD LABEL connected with UNIVERSAL RECORDS. It will open the door in discovering and featuring talent to be signed by #JMN JMN Universal!

Happy Days Are Here Again!