HOLLYWOOD—That happened fairly quickly people! Yep, the powers that be who brought Tom Baker, the guy who raped Elizabeth Webber and tortured Emily Quartermaine back to the canvas of “General Hospital” has gotten rid of the character. Tom met a grisly demise last week, by being stabbed to death. I mean, I love how the detectives and authorities in Port Charles are so quick to seek ‘justice’ for the humanely evil, but can never seem to manage to get justice for those who were wrongly killed, umm, Connie Falconeri, at the hands of Ava Jerome people!

Tom is dead, and all signs point to Franco as being the culprit, however, we all know Franco in no shape, way or fashion murdered the nefarious Tom! I mean it was apparent the creep was up to his old tricks trying to get a gig at the same hospital where the woman he raped and got away with worked. To make matters worse, he was beginning to stalk Kiki, which only further boiled Franco’s blood. I mean, isn’t it slightly acceptable that Franco and Kiki set a trap for the guy, which led to Franco locking him in a cage like a dog?

While I can’t agree to Franco caging the guy, he deserved to be taught the lesson of steering clear of making any advances or potential threats to any of the women in Port Charles people. Too bad Franco never expected Tom Baker to escape his clutches and to turn the tables on him. We know Franco couldn’t have killed Tom as he was locked up, even though the murder weapon used against Tom, and all potential motives point in his direction, its apparent Franco is being set-up, but the question is by whom?

We know Sam hates his guts, but she is in NO CONDITION to pull off such a masterful plan. Carly, is no fan of her former lover either, but she’s grieving the loss of ‘Morgan’ so I suspect Franco as the last person on her mind. The only other person who comes to mind is Ava Jerome, but the question for me remains why? What would Ava have to gain by committing such a crime, and if anything Elizabeth offing her own assailant and framing the guy who she has recently grown close to seems way too far-fetched to make any sense out of it. I will admit if the writers pointed the finger at Elizabeth that would be one hell of a twist that would satisfy me as a writer to say the least, because it would never be expected.

My suspicious have been pinpointed to Nelle, but at the same time, I have the slightest clue what she would gain along the way. Its apparent Sonny can’t stand the sight of this woman, but she is finding herself getting closer and closer to her nemesis Carly’s son, Michael. Yes, Michael seems to have charmed his way into Nelle’s heart and she is opening up to him slightly about her bad things were for her father, and her childhood. Oh, that baby rattle with the name ‘Caroline’ is an apparent clue that Nelle and Carly’s bond might be far deeper than we suspect, but Bobbie, Carly’s mother might crack the case.

Fingers crossed we finally get some inside detail on Nelle’s agenda in the month of January or at the kick-off for February sweeps because the slow drag of things is only frustrating viewers and myself at the moment. However, the big tale of the hour is the mystery woman in red who is secretly pulling Julian’s strings. It’s apparent this woman has her fingers on the pulse and is well aware that Curtis and Jason are getting ever close to figuring out who planted that bomb in Julian’s car in an attempt on his life.

For those living under a rock, it has been reported that Tonja Walker, who once portrayed Olivia Jerome on “GH” back in the 80s is returning to the soap. Hmm, that definitely seems like a sign in my opinion that Olivia who Julian ‘murdered’ has returned from the dead to seek vengeance on her brother. Wouldn’t it be nice for the villainess to teach her sister Ava, what it truly means to be evil?