“Fruitvale Station” Is Powerful Filmmaking


HOLLYWOOD—“Fruitvale Station,” a drama directed by newcomer Ryan Coogler is an achievement in filmmaking that stars Michael B. Jordan.  The film is a biopic about the last day of Oscar Grant’s life before he was killed by a BART police officer.

The movie is a stunning re-telling of the moments leading up to Grant’s final breath. Michael B. Jordan captures the 22-year-old as well as anybody can. His performance carries the film through moments where other films would suffer, accompanied by a well-written narrative by writer and director Ryan Coogler.

“Fruitvale Station” is an emotional powerhouse that puts one into the shoes of Oscar Grant and in the shoes of his close relatives as they experience his loss. The performances by Octavia Spencer as Grant’s mother and Melonie Diaz as his girlfriend, Sophina will move the audience through their eyes as they try to help Oscar get back onto his feet.

As the movie ended, I had never heard such a movie end in silence. Most good movies end in applause, but this one left the audience in tears. Even knowing throughout the entire film Grant was going to die, I found myself rooting for him to somehow survive. Produced by Forest Whitaker and distributed by The Weinstein Company, “Fruitvale Station” won The Grand Jury Prize at 2013 Sundance Film Festival and won Best First Film at Cannes Film Festival.

By Luis Cuevas