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“HAHN” Recap: ‘The Chosen’

Candace (Tika Sumpter) was given an offer she could NOT refuse on this week's episode of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots."

HOLLYWOOD—We’re getting closer! This week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” delivered some twisted fun and confrontations for viewers. In the episode, ‘The Chosen,’ things picked up precisely where last week left off with Candace coming face-to-face with Charles who was waiting in her hotel suite. Charles confessed that he was well aware of all the antics that Candace has been up to including Oscar’s demise, not to mention the death of Quincy.

He asked her to become his First Lady, which our vixen shutdown, but Charles revealed that he has selected her and it did not seem like he was taking no for an answer. Which poses the question: what does Candace have to lose? If anything this opportunity will take her out of the street life which has dictated her life up till this point. Charles in a weird way, professed his love to Candace, who seemed utterly confused by his attraction to her.

FINALLY, we see some emotion from Candace! Candace called out Charles on his inner desires; she’s not lying, his obsession with her is quite scary, and she called a spade a spade. Now this is indeed interesting: we know Charles has skeletons in his closet, but the question we all want to know is precisely what Charles is hiding.

Mitch shared details with his family on why he didn’t allow goons to takeout Benny. Benny was unnerved when he learned that the Malone clan was still after him for the interest on the loan that he took out. Heed the advice Mr. Ego; Benny just doesn’t know how to listen when he needs to. Hanna did her best to convince her son to give the $8 million that Candace stole from the Cryer clan back. Little did she know, Benny needs some of that money otherwise he is a dead man walking.

Candace was surprised to see Landon and to meet Adelaide, the lady cleaning up countless messes. She was baffled to say the least, but it seemed clear that Candace will be Charles’ First Lady rather she likes it or not. Landon delivered a bit of truth to Candace that left her speechless, but it was quite funny to say least. Hanna had to break the news to Jim and Katheryn about Benny refusing to sign over their funds. Jim got quite disrespectful to say the least, and Hanna roared back.

Wyatt overheard the conversation and learned that Hanna has his funds. Katheryn attempted to play mediator, just as Hanna made it crystal clear to Jim that he better not have one single conversation with Benny. Hanna called Jim out in his escapades with Candace. It fueled rage in Hanna who decided to quit, as the patriarch threw out more disparaging remarks. Oh, Jim, you are making enemies left and right. Katheryn attempted to plead her case, as the holy one made it clear that she planned to get those funds back, she returned the car, and planned to move out sooner than later.

Just as these two ladies were rebuilding their bridge, it looks like Jim is about to cause another fracture in this relationship. Derrick found himself entangled in a chaotic situation as Hanna ranted a bit of steam. As much as a hate Hanna for preaching all the time, I loved that she was willing to give it all away to maintain her integrity and pride. Wyatt eavesdropped on his parent’s conversation, just as Katheryn seemed over her hubby and his antics. Wyatt decided to give Candace a call to alert her that he is aware that she stole his money. He alerted his enemy that her brother refused to sign to release the funds. Wyatt was willing to screw his mother as well, and wanted Candace to help him get vengeance against his parents, but she didn’t seem too interested to say the least.

Back at the Artesian Hotel, Leslie received a visit from Veronica, who delivered her new protégé a gift to woo Jeffery. Yeah, it looks like Leslie is going to have plenty of trouble with both Justin and now Madison vying for her son’s affections. This woman is utterly crazy, and she had to spell it out to Leslie why she poured hot coffee on his arm. Jeffery was seen tending to his father at the hospital, just as Madison was being harassed nonstop by Officer Justin. Nurse Madison informed Jeffery that Justin might be obsessed with him and the situation that he is in is more dangerous than he thinks. Yeah, things got interesting when Justin strolled into the place. I said this was a fatal attraction all along and it looks like thinks are about to reach a head. Justin asked Jeffery to visit his place and as a trade he would stop showing up.

The conversation was put on hold when David went into cardiac arrest. Scary, but something tells me that David will survive, but more chaos emerges next week.  Candace considers Charles offer, Wyatt makes threats to his parents, and Veronica learns that Jeffery has a new man in his orbit. Looks like her new plan is about to hit an epic roadblock! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!

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