HOLLYWOOD—The stage is set people! Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” is about to kick-off into full gear, now that Candace has learned that Quincy Jr. was fatally shot by her nemesis Warlock. This week’s episode, ‘The Enemy Called Trust’ saw Candace eager for revenge, just as Katheryn and Veronica torched her home to eliminate all evidence.

Jim and David arrived to the Cryer estate stunned by Veronica’s latest stunt to keep the foursome from taking the fall for Jennifer Sallison’s murder. I must say Veronica is one smart lady, she knows how to cover her tracks like no other. Watching Veronica and David trade spars was beyond entertaining to say the least. Officers arrived at the Artesian Hotel searching for Candace, but she already fled the scene, just as Landon and Charles had a chat about Candace’s situation.

Charles made it clear to Landon that he doesn’t like to be double-crossed, which prompted Landon to dig deeper as to his attraction to Candace. Landon was taken aback to learn that Charles has a criminal background, similar to Candace. I’m definitely interested in learning more about Charles’ background. Candace returned to the scene of her son’s murder, where she was overwhelmed with grief.

Hmm, it looks like Justin is eager to get his shot at becoming a detective, just as his partner watched from a distance. Jeffrey had a conversation with Landon about Justin and his stalker tendencies. Landon has his finger on the pulse about Justin’s behavior and that his pal could be in serious danger. The situation got juicy with the arrival of Veronica who traded spars with Landon about lipstick. Veronica is quick, but Landon is no pushover America.

Veronica threatened Jeffrey to return to her home or else. He stood his ground and refused to return to her palace, as he fought for Melissa’s wellbeing. Veronica showed no emotion, when Candace walked past her and Jeffrey seemed well aware that his pal needed him. Candace was closed off; not a single word when Jeffrey attempted to speak with her.

Wyatt found himself being interrogated by George about Jennifer Sallison’s murder. It was evident that Wyatt was not happy to find Justin in his presence. He was dumbfounded by the revelation that Jennifer had been murdered and that either his mother or father were culpable in the DA’s murder. Wyatt you’re giving George everything he needs to nail his parents, but when he dropped the bomb about his inheritance it seemed to fuel George’s interest. Damn, Wyatt is singing like a canary to George, but refused to talk any further with Justin in his presence, as he alluded to the officer’s tactics.

Candace returned to the hotel, begging Charles to provide her with her phones so that she could contact Hanna and Benny to learn just what transpired to her son. She wanted answers, and contacted Erica, who immediately informed Warlock of her ‘friend’s location. Hanna was stunned to receive a call from Candace about the death of her son. Mother and daughter had a tender moment, where Hanna revealed all the dirty details. I can’t believe Candace is trying to blame her mother for her son’s demise. Candace was grieving and lashed out at her mother, knowing that it was her actions that set everything into motion.

Mitch had a conversation with Candace about what transpired at the motel that led to her son’s demise. Mitch confirmed that it was indeed Warlock who shot her son, with little to no remorse. He informed Candace to get Warlock to Mama Rose’s restaurant and he would take care of the rest. Erica arrived at Candace’s room where she informed her girlfriend (who already knew by the way) about Warlock killing her son. Oh, this interrogation was juicy, as Candace’s suspicions about Erica came full circle.

This girl is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the Devil, she contacted War and made it crystal clear she screwed him over and was passive when she spilled all the tea with Erica in her presence. Wow, she is about to set-up both Erica and Warlock to meet a grisly demise. When Candace asked for Erica’s phone, she was hesitant, thinking Warlock was calling, but surprise, it was David and it was clear Erica was attempting to throw her pal under the bus.

Mitch and Candace chatted at the restaurant, where he was surprised to learn that Erica betrayed Candy. It was clear Warlock was about to enter a trap he never expected, as was Erica. Long time no see, Benny was surprised that he was being freed by the authorities. He immediately contacted Hanna to alert her that he was released, as she tuned into a press conference about gun violence.

Charles’ mission to become the next President of the United States came front and center during a press conference where he spoke with such eloquence and conviction to sway the voters in his favor. Awkward dinner date to say the least between Erica, Warlock and Candace. Oh, this is about to be good people, really good. Warlock’s people walked into the restaurant, but all of the people in Mama Rose’s restaurant where members of her organization. Tons of gunfire erupted, bodies hit the floor and in the end, Candace was protected by Mitch, but Warlock was DEAD, but Erica survived unscathed.

That was quite eventful to say the least. Ok, we still have 2 more episodes before the season 5 finale, so I’m intrigued to know what other bombshells will transpire. It looks like Veronica is going to be the catalyst of these final episodes, just as Erica decides to reveal the whole dirty truth to David about her past. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!