HOLLYWOOD—Wyatt committed another dastardly deed during last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” In this week’s episode, ‘The Third Quarter’ Jim Cryer found himself having to cleanup another one of his son’s messes. In a state of panic, Wyatt started to clean up the evidence of the crime he just committed, wiping down walls, and any places where his hands may have touched.

I honestly didn’t think Wyatt was that smart, but he’s smarter than I thought, too bad he didn’t expect Jim to come to his rescue. Jim wanted to stage the death as a robbery, but all hell was about to break loose. Why? The drug dealer that Wyatt killed is a Malone! OMG, that is not good, not good at all, we all saw what Mama Rose did after learning that War shot at Mitch, and he wasn’t injured. Just when Jim gets out of the clutches of the Malone’s he finds himself dragged back in.

Leslie made small talk with a patron, who was an undercover cop. Just when Gia was getting comfortable, Candace showed her face yet again, even though Leslie warned the vixen that danger is lurking. I love this interaction between Leslie and Candace. She seems to have found a formidable foe for once. Candace flirted with the undercover cop, and made threats per usual. The fact that this guy just walked away and he’s a cop says a ton about the writing for the show. Leslie proposed to Gia the notion of not following Candace’s lead anymore. Hello, finally someone is thinking with their head for once.

Benny learned that Mitch was not messing around when he warned him not to take any money from his family. Mitch seemed afraid for his pal, but unfortunately, Benny’s ego is going to be his downfall. Why? He seems to think Mitch is joking about how ruthless his family is when it comes to money. Looks like David is finally getting his house in order, but surprise, Veronica decided to crash the party. Erica and David went toe-to-toe with the Ice Queen yet again, who traded spars. Erica didn’t like to be dismissed by David, but she found a way to annoy Veronica by kissing David in front of her.

Veronica wanted to chat about Jeffery, but David realized Veronica wanted to torture Benny who discarded her like a piece of trash. David was well aware of his former flame’s dirty tactics. When David grabbed Veronica’s hand, she staged a scene per usual, which prompted the Ice Queen to start destroying items in the home. This looks to be a bit much for Erica. Hanna and Derrick continued to get closer, as she invited him to the house and quickly put the moves on her.

Hanna questioned Derrick’s motives, and as I stated something about this guy does not seem right America, it just doesn’t. We get a bit of honesty from Derrick, but something is telling me the audience should expect a surprise about this guy’s past in the near future. Back at the Artisan Hotel, Landon was concerned about his meeting with Candace on behalf of Charles. It has become apparent that Charles is chasing Candace big time, and willing to go to extreme lengths to get this woman back into his orbit.

Candace was relieved to learn that her funds were unfrozen, and this put a bright spot on the vixen’s face for once. Why? She wanted to meet with her brother to have a chat. Hmm, Candace getting that money from Wyatt’s account might be the best thing that happened to Benny because she can bail him out of this tight spot with the Malone family. Mitch went to bat for Benny, but learned if his pal can’t pay that money back with interest Benny is a dead man walking.

Katheryn was an utter mess after learning from Jim that Wyatt has done the unthinkable once again. Father, son and mother bickered about mistakes of the past. Wyatt spilled the tea that all his money was gone, which prompted Jim to inform his son that he took all of his money. Jim didn’t want to let his son leave, but Katheryn was ok allowing Wyatt to leave. Jeffery was not pleased that Justin showed up at his dad’s condo uninvited. Justin admitted his obsession with Jeffery, who revealed his boy toy needs to speak to a therapist. Justin refused to accept his sexuality, which Jeffery continued to hammer into his mindset. However, Justin refused to take no for an answer and put the moves on Jeffery, which led to the two getting hot and heavy on the couch. However, the two never expected to see Veronica walk in on. Cue the awkwardness!

To see the Ice Queen utterly speechless was a moment to say the least. Oh, next week looks good with Jeffery taunting Veronica, just as it becomes evident Benny is about to become tied up in some crazy, twisted mess. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!