SAN FRANCISCO—A woman gave birth to a baby girl overnight in the Golden Gate Park on Monday, December 12. The homeless woman, who has been identified as Malina Berman, 33, claims that she was unaware of her pregnancy but considered it to be, “one of the most miraculous things I ever experienced” according to Kron 4 news.

Berman gave birth to her daughter—whom she named Hillary, under a tarp-covered shelter behind the Rose Garden. Despite her ex-partner’s efforts in convincing Berman of her pregnancy, she did not believe him saying, “I was just in denial.”

She did not have a charged phone after giving birth, so she wrapped the newborn in a hooded shirt while her partner ran to grab a taxi or call for an ambulance.

Officials received an anonymous call from a mobile phone at approximately 4:00 a.m. Monday. The San Francisco Fire Department called two ambulances to transport Berman and her child to the California Pacific Medical Center. When they arrived to the scene the anonymous caller  was not present, noted San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson, Jonathan Baxter.

Berman is now seeking alternative housing for her and her baby. She and her partner made plans to camp and work for a homeless gardening program in Santa Cruz during the winter.

Baxter indicated the incident is a reminder for more public services. Baxter stressed the need for residents to call 311 if they see a person in need or 911 if they determine it to be an emergency. “If they see something, say something,” stated Baxter.