HOLLYWOOD—We are less than 3 weeks away from the guilty pleasure of the summer, CBS’ “Big Brother.” For those of you who have no idea about this reality competition, it has been a summer staple every year since 2000. The series which is hosted by “The Talk” alum Julie Chen follows a group of people who are locked away in a house, cut off from all forms of entertainment (TV, internet, music, news, etc.). They are only allowed to interact with each other. Each week a houseguest is voted out, and the last person standing wins $500,000.

There have been some great seasons of BB people; season 3, season 6, season 7, season 8, season 10 and season 14 are my top ranking of all time. However, in recent years we’ve gotten teases with some veteran returns and others where the twists totally failed, um the Battle of the Block people. God, please don’t EVER allow that stupid twist to return, it just led to players throwing the game. I am super eager to know what twist or twists will dawn for fans of the series in the 19th installment.

There are plenty of rumors floating all over the internet and to be honest there isn’t much truth in my opinion to any of them. I was hoping “Big Brother 18” would be our second all-star season; I mean it was culminating on the 10 year anniversary since we last had an all-star season so it would be perfect right? Not quite, we got four veterans who while entertaining TV, didn’t manage to really deliver the level of gameplay those who enjoy BB expect.

So do I expect an all-star season for BB19? Not a chance, considering BB got a renewal to 2018, so BB20, I suspect might be the long-awaited all-star season fans have been clamoring for. So for BB19, many are suspecting this could be a second chances season, which sounds interesting considering it has never been done, and to be honest the second chances season of “Survivor” delivered one of the most entertaining seasons for me ever.

The rumored cast list doesn’t seem authentic though, because there are some personalities I’m certain the BB Gods would never have back on the series, especially 90 percent of the characters from BB15. Sorry that season was dreadful with all the racism, sexism and just plain awful contestants in my personal opinion. If the series was indeed going for a second chances, it would be wise if POSSIBLE to get all contestants who went to the final two, but lost to the jury, however there are a few people in that mix I would remove and replace with a few contestants who I thought were more entertaining and more deserving of being in a final.

So what surprises could we see this upcoming season? Well, the series has done almost everything I can expect, so it would be nice to see a BB season where it goes back to its roots. Basic gameplay without many twists or turns throughout; let the game play the game. However, with all the surprises in BB OTT, I would not be surprised if we see that infamous care package twist return to the game.

However, out of all those surprises, a shake-up to the Power of Veto would be great in my opinion. I would love to see the series introduce the HIDDEN POV, where a contestant finds or wins this power, but none of the other houseguests have a clue. It’s similar to the hidden immunity idol on “Survivor.” I mean could you imagine during eviction night a houseguest pulls out a POV and utilizes it saving them from eviction, and forcing another houseguest to take their spot and totally changing the voting strategy that was set-up the entire week.

I do love seeing returning players, but only when its returning players actually interested in playing the game, not looking for a hookup or a summer fling. Play the game that is what the audience wants; we want to be entertained. I assume we might see some familiar faces, but who knows, we might see all fresh faces, which is fine, If we can get a house full of contestants ready to prepare for strategy, backstabbing, deception and so much more. “Big Brother 19” is slated to premiere on Wednesday, June 28. Expect the cast to be unveiled in the next week or so people!