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Jerseygate Is No Longer News!

The missing NFL jersey of New England Patriots star Tom Brady has finally been located.

UNITED STATES—At long last, the mystery has finally been solved involving New England Patriots star Tom Brady and his missing Super Bowl jersey. There is indeed a reason I’m bringing this issue to the table because I cannot BELIEVE the level of media coverage this story got. I mean people have talked about this issue like its game-changing for the nation.

Pause. It’s not, it really is not. Yes, I can totally get why for Brady locating the jersey that was stolen from him while in the locker-room is so sentimental. It’s a prized possession and provides memories on his record-shattering performance during the 2017 Super Bowl, where the Patriots came back from a deficit that seemed impossible to say the least. However, I ask the question, how the HELL is a missing football jersey impacting the lives of tons of Americans. The answer: it’s not!

When I first heard about the story it raised eyebrows slightly, but nearly 2 months after the Super Bowl, why is this even receiving news coverage. Who cares at this point, beyond Tom Brady? I mean the fact that we have the FBI and other government agencies’ looking into the disappearance of this jersey is beyond upsetting when there are more pressing issues at hand.

What about the hundreds of thousands of people who go missing every day and are still missing? Why aren’t we allocating resources to finding those individuals? How about the constant battle against homelessness and food hunger in America? Are those issues just not so important or do we prefer not to chat about issues that actually matter, things that actually impact people of the world. A missing NFL star’s Super Bowl jersey is not one of those things, yet the media is covering this tale like it’s the most important piece of news to date.

What happened to the good ole days of journalism, where actual NEWS was reported? Where things that mattered, things that impacted lives, things that could help people nab criminals or bring some level of compassion and wisdom to one’s lives made headlines? Those days seem long gone. We live in a current era where the media outlets are so geared with covering the next ‘big story’ or what will draw ratings or hits to the website, versus discussing something of substance and value.

Of course I’m going to receive plenty of hate for this column, but frankly I could care less. Tom Brady is a NFL legend; I get that and most of America gets that, football season is over, go take a vacation, relax with the family or do some charitable work. I’m sick and tired of hearing about #jerseygate2017. It’s over; at long last, perhaps the NFL should consider hiring more security personnel to prevent random strangers from just walking into locker-rooms unexpectedly and having their field day with whatever items on display.

While so many people might suspect this is a column about Tom Brady, the New England Patriots and a missing jersey think again. This is a column about reporting actual NEWS; things that actually impact the world in ways that a missing jersey just doesn’t. It has sentimental value, but in no way, shape or form should it be the top story on the nightly news. Sports television, maybe, broadcast news, not a chance America!

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