Killswitch Crushing Smartphone Theft


SAN FRANCISCO—Smartphone theft is a crime that has proliferated throughout San Francisco and other United States cities.

Some of these thefts are violent in nature, as thieves have used physical intimidation and weaponry to get their hands on these pocket-sized prizes. Apple has implemented its kill-switch program, incentive for smartphone theft is at an all-time low.

A stolen phone is rendered useless by the Killswitch program.

According to the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, the program has forced the gradual evaporation of smartphone theft in San Francisco. Since Apple implemented the kill-switch in its newest iPhone 6, phone robberies are down 27 percent in the city.

Aiding in the decline of these crimes is Apple’s patented fingerprint recognition technology, rendering stolen iPhones all but worthless to would-be criminals.

A state-wide kill-switch law will go into effect beginning in July, a law California lawmakers hope will yield the state the same positive results San Francisco has enjoyed.