HOLLYWOOD—After months of causing just utter chaos America, Kristen DiMera was finally exposed on “Days of Our Lives” and it was all a direct result of Brady Black having a conversation with Kristen who he discovered was actually Susan. The gig was up and Brady was furious. So he wanted to connect with Kristen before she made a drastic move that would cause more issues. Too late. Kristen drugged Kate and was moving her out of the DiMera mansion.

Why Jake didn’t ask what was in the bag, I could not give you the answer America. However, Kate awoke while Kristen was driving causing an accident where Brady was pushed off the road. He crashed his vehicle and was rushed to the hospital to be treated. Guess who else was at the hospital? Sami, Lucas and Chloe and the dots were connected and the jig was up for Sami and Lucas! Yeah, Chloe realized she had been hoodwinked by Lucas’ fake diagnosis which prompted her to give him the boot to be by Brady’s side.

Not a good idea Chloe because she saw herself kidnapped in the process people by Kristen of all people. What is Kristen’s endgame? One can only imagine, I mean she made Sarah disappear, she kidnapped and drugged Kate, hoodwinked Rex and now has Chloe in her clutches, her love for Brady will make her do anything, but her latest actions are driving Brady right into Chloe’s arms people.

This brings us to news of Kristen using former foe and ally Xander to her advantage in exchange for information on Sarah. Hmm, will Xander take the bait, looks like it, but that was nothing and I mean nothing to the news of Nicole and Xander hitting the sheets. Yes, America, that is huge, major and game changing because Sami spotted the two. Nicole has been lonely and Eric constantly delaying his return to Salem from Africa has not helped. It has boiled Nicole’s blood and as a result she did something she is regretting and the damage to her marriage might be irreparable.

When Eric learns (if he ever returns to the soap) about Nicole sleeping with his mortal enemy, I think this marriage is done and over and I don’t see Eric being forgiving in this case. He hates Xander and for Nicole to make such a move I don’t know if Eric will forgive her. Hell, I thought the writers were pushing a Nicole and Rafe romance, but it seems they are going in the direction of Ava and Rafe, to which Steve is NOT happy about at all. Steve warned Rafe to run for the mountains, just as Nicole confessed she was jealous of Rafe and Ava going on a date. So this could be interesting people.

In other Salem news, Chanel continues to make the rounds as we learned that she is a former pal of Allie’s. Yes, that Allie people and they shared a kiss that Tripp caught that he told Claire about that had him concerned to say the least. With that said, the air was cleared and Tripp is aware that Allie has feelings for him, but it’s complicated to say the least. Chanel is also in a sly way making moves on Eli people. I thought this was the direction the audience might be headed and this is going to be a good one to say the least. How so? My gut tells me all this Paulina talk with Lani and Abe means that Paulina is Lani’s real mother, but it makes me question how that is possible if Abe is her father? She whispered something big to the twins that no one heard, so that’s a sign America. That is a very interesting plotline that I cannot wait to see where things are headed.

In addition, we have to discuss the Gwen and Abigail drama. The sisters had a fight on the stairs that resulted in Gwen taking a tumble down the stairs and losing her baby. She pointed the finger at Abigail and as a result the war between the sisters is not simmering down. Well it might be because Abigail is leaving Salem for a while, and Gwen is still scheming behind the scenes with Dr. Snyder. I will admit I’m over the Gwen and Abigail fight, I’ve gotten a bit bored to say the least.

With that said, the romance I’ve WANTED to see, Gabi and Jake finally gave into their passion and it was all witnessed by Kate. Yeah, Kristen duped Jake and with his broken heart he turned to Gabi, so good luck Jake explaining your tryst with Gabi with your scorned lover. Major news “Days of Our Lives” fans: the soap has been renewed for TWO MORE YEARS! Yes, there were some concerns rather the soap would return to NBC, but we can officially say it’s happening, so expect more Salem drama for the next two seasons of the soap.