Laguna Honda Tops U.S. Nursing Home Ratings



SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, January 25 Mayor Edwin Lee announced that the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medical Services raised the quality rating for SF Department of Public’s Health’s Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center to a five star rating. This is the 3rd increase for Laguna Honda in two years.

“It’s a new era for Laguna Honda,” said Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Executive Administrator Mivic Hirose. “Laguna Honda is the most modern nursing facility in the country, and the federal recognition certifies that the quality of our care matches the quality of our built environment. San Franciscans can expect the best from us.”

“A five-star Laguna Honda confirms San Francisco’s status as a health care leader,” said Mayor Lee. “We have made real progress to meet the needs of seniors and residents with disabilities for long term care and community integration.”

Laguna Honda is a branch of the San Francisco Department of Public Health that provides acute care, rehabilitation and trained nursing services to a population of over 765 seniors and adults who suffer from disabilities.

“This is a testament to the public health vision of the City’s voters,” said DPH Director of Health Barbara Garcia. “When voters overwhelmingly agreed to rebuild Laguna Honda in 1999, they were making an investment in the future health of the city. The five-star rating is confirmation that the Department of Public Health has kept its promise to deliver a new center of excellence at Laguna Honda.”

The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medical Services gives its rating on the following criteria: staffing, health inspections and quality measures. The facility received a five star rating for staffing and quality measures categories. The hospital received three stars for its health inspection rating. Laguna Honda would like to achieve a five star rating in all categories by 2014.

By LaDale Anderson