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“If Loving You Is Wrong” Recap: ‘An Unlikely Suspect’

Brad Montgomery found himself in hot water with authorities for the disappearance of Randal and Alex's newborn baby.

HOLLYWOOD—Brad is hiding things, Alex crashed her car, those were just some of the things that transpired in last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘An Unlikely Suspect’ saw a whirlwind of events cast a light on Brad Montgomery that does not look good people. Alex was not in a great place, as her vehicle caught fire after colliding into that tree, and what a surprise, she left her phone in the car.

Marcie divulged to Steven that Brad’s boots were covered in mud, which only intrigued Steven more as he seemed to make connections to where Brad really was. Things only got more complicated when Esperanza joined the ladies. She seemed pressed to clue Kelly in on some information, but that was interrupted by Officer Eddie who refused to do his job yet again.

Esperanza jumped to the conclusion that Brad and Eddie were co-conspirators in the chaos that has erupted. Per usual Eddie make sexual advances that irked Esperanza to the core. Brad was busy treating the gash he suffered on his head courtesy of Marcie, when he received a call from Eddie alerting him that the police are onto him. Brad either played dumb, or he seriously had no involvement in Randal’s disappearance or Alex’s baby. Wow, Brad seriously thought Eddie was joking with him about him being involvement in a crime that apparently he did not commit.

Kelly and Esperanza worried about Marcie’s wellbeing, which led to Kelly finally telling Esperanza that Travis physically assaulted her and has been making threats and stalking her. Things got crazier as Esperanza got wind of some of the messages that Travis had been leaving Kelly. Um, yeah, the guy is nuts and Kelly needs to seek police protection ASAP. Why the hell is Esperanza the voice of reason, and yet, Kelly is refusing to file a police report to protect herself and her son. Why, why do I suspect something bad is about to happen? Are you serious? How the hell could Mr. Perry tease us with this information that Esperanza wanted to divulge to Kelly to only place it on the backburner. That is so frustrating people!

Natalie and Lushion came face-to-face with Joey’s probation officer, and Lushion sure delivered a verbal beating on the guy. Threats were made, and it’s apparent that this ‘Hardy’ has no idea of the power that Lushion truly wields. Wow, another bombshell, Natalie revealed that Joey’s probation officer has been calling her non-stop and flirting with her. More details about Faun, Joey, Quan and Mr. Kim, which shook Natalie a bit.

The wheels are turning people, as Julius continues to work his magic to get Officer Ben under his thumb. Ben covered when Eddie questioned who he was on the phone with. Eddie, prepare yourself for a big tumble, because it’s about to happen and I cannot wait to see it transpire. Kelly received a call from Ms. Diane who made threats about kicking her you know what. I love this Ms. Diane character who is not afraid to play with fire to ensure her son gets the justice he deserves. Alex was able to hitch a ride with a trucker who seemed nice, but continued to compliment her beauty, which raised her concerns to say the least.

Esperanza spilled to Kelly that Joey was shot, which only heightened their concern about Marcie’s wellbeing. That led to a conversation turning to Brad and his violent temper, which raised concerns for rather he was guilty or not. Brad made a call to Marcie divulging what transpired, and that he wasn’t trying to attack her, he was trying to kiss her. He pleaded his case for innocence, but his actions seemed to convey something else.

The episode ended with the authorities arriving at Brad and Marcie’s apartment and he was taken into custody. I will acknowledge this week’s episode was too slow for my liking, but it looks like next week things will pick up the pace people.  Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!

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