HOLLYWOOD─It has arrived soap fans, May Sweeps are underway, but right now only “Days of Our Lives” and “General Hospital” are airing new episodes, which is a good thing for those of us going stir crazy at home. I feel like we are getting that much closer to the truth about Nina’s daughter people. At first the thought of Nelle being her long lost daughter, I thought was a fake out, but the similarities between the two characters is no coincidence people!

Nelle is starting to warm her way into Nina’s heart; they both long for the simple things in life and the family they never had growing up. Heck, even Carly felt sorry for Nelle as the two women discussed their past. I mean if the writers pull a trick out of their hat where it’s revealed that Nelle is NOT Nina’s long-lost daughter, I will be blown away and utterly speechless.

It is indeed hard to surprise fans of daytime soaps with a twist; very few soaps have done so, the last time I remember being speechless was when “GH” revealed that Robin didn’t die in that hospital explosion, and the fact that Duke Lavery was very much alive and being held captive by Cesar Faison. So is it possible? Yes, likely, I don’t see it, but we’ll see how things turn out people. The daughter reveal has got to be something that the soap is going to spill as we usher in May sweeps, I don’t think Nina or Nelle will discover the truth, I think it’ll be a third party and they’ll likely keep that Intel to themselves before the truth comes out.

Molly and Brando, who ever expected that Alexis’ youngest daughter would FINALLY get a storyline people! Molly slept with Brando after being under the presumption that TJ dumped her. Molly is keeping a major secret from TJ, and it looks like the pressure is getting to her. How so? Brandon seems to be popping up more and more in her life. First, at Kelly’s where he met Kristina, then he had an interaction with Sam who knew something was off with her little sister and Brando! Molly, feeling guilty spilled the tea to Kristina and Sam who were shocked, as was Brando who learned that Molly is Sonny’s niece!

The truth will come out, but the question is how TJ respond to learning that his one true love slept with someone else? I mean, she did think he dumped her and that was a direct result of Jordan weaving a tangled web to protect her son from Cyrus Renault. With that said, it appears the end is nearing for Mike and Sony is being dealt a devastating blow. He knows his father is reaching the end of his battle with Alzheimer’s, but Sonny is just not ready to bid adieu and its some riveting acting to watch from Maurice Benard.

So not only is Sonny dealing with Mike, he’s being forced to deal with the ongoing threat from Cyrus who has Jason Morgan in his hindsight. Cyrus unlike prior villains in Sonny’s orbit makes his threats in a very calculating manner. There is a method to his madness, one that is quite scary if you think about it because he’s like a silent killer. You know he’s coming after you, the problem is one never knows when the strike will transpire and that is an exceptionally alarming feeling. I mean imagine being Sonny, heck imagine being Jason for that matter people.

If all that was not enough, talk about a plan that totally has no backing as Sasha and Chase faced the heat for their little tryst. Willow was heartbroken, Michael dumbfounded, Carly livid, and Chase’s little lie that he told Finn, his older brother could read what was transpiring a million miles away. Chase and Sasha were hoping their ‘moment’ would push Michael and Willow closer to marrying to protect Wiley, but in the process, it might do what I expected should have happened all along: Michael and Willow become an actual item.

The two have always had strong chemistry since the moment they met, and it has been obvious for months that the two share a deeper connection then just beyond Wiley. May sweeps has been notorious for the Nurses Ball, but with very little mention of that event, and the fact that we’ve seen very little Lucy Coe in recent weeks, it is a welcome change. How so? We can focus on big reveals of long-dragging storylines that are not wrapped up in some song and dance number people.