New “Amazing Spiderman 2” Trailer Wows


HOLLYWOOD—The buzz surrounding the next installment for the reboot of “The Amazing Spiderman” which hit theaters in 2012 has been building. “The Amazing Spiderman 2” trailer was unleashed on Thursday and the sequel has the additions of two Oscar-winners Jamie Foxx and Chris Cooper, in addition to Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti. All three actors will portray villains in the picture, alongside Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan.

The trailer delivers several goodies for eager fans as we get our first looks at Electro (Foxx), The Rhino (Giamatti) and The Green Goblin (Cooper). One may question, if this sequel is following the fate of “Spiderman 3” which implemented more villains than the audience could have expected. That could be a potential casualty for the picture, but from the looks of the trailer as with many sequels, post “The Dark Knight,” this installment looks to examine a darker tale.

Even Parker (Garfield) predicts a not so happy ending for some of the people that he cares about. Could this be the hint that so many of us have speculated that perhaps Gwen Stacy (Stone) dies at the hands of The Green Goblin like in the comics? Let’s just say if it were to happen, it would be a heightened feat for the franchise to kill off a major player.

The trailer presents an ominous tone, where loads of explosions and action take place. Some of the most satisfying scenes appear with Electro zapping the lights out of NYC, all the while trying to take down Spidey at the same time. Oh wait, we can’t forget the robotic glimpse of The Rhino in full costume.

One satisfying plot point is the evolving relationship between Peter and Gwen; the chemistry between these two is spot on. We also get a glimpse into darker secrets behind Peter’s father and his work. Let’s just say Aunt May (Field) knows a lot more than what she initially let on in the first chapter. I will admit the new Harry Osborne (DeHaan) gives a much creepier vibe than previous actor James Franco. This is perhaps a look at more sinister things to come, like the glimpse of Doctor Octopus’ tentacles and The Vulture’s Wings.

I will admit after watching the trailer multiple times I am pleasantly pleased and eager for the release of the new installment.  “The Amazing Spiderman 2” electrifies itself into theaters on May 2, 2014.

By LaDale Anderson