Newcomer Jae-gyun Hwang
A 10 year Korean baseball veteran but one year rookie for the BML. Hwang is starting the season with contract to play for Triple-A Sacramento.

SAN FRANCISCO- Newcomer Jae-gyun Hwang is a ten year baseball veteran from Korea. Coming to the Unites Sates for the first time and might start the season with Triple-A Sacramento. Which is one step away from playing in the Major Leagues.

Last Sunday the Giants gather together to name the 2017 winner of the Barney Nugent Award. This award is handed to those individuals whose performance and dedication in training. Which best exemplifies the San Francisco Giants motivation.

Newcomer Jae-gyun Hwang who is appearing in his first major league camp this spring. He is extremely proud to received the award. With the help from his English translator Mark Kim he said to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“It was my first time coming over to the States to play baseball and I really wanted to work hard and show I belong here.”

Although Hwang remains in camp, the Giants plan to ask him to begin the season at Triple-A Sacramento. In this case its for gaining a deeper evaluation of his baseball skills.

However according to reports from a Korean journalist. The team is close to signing Korean star Jae-gyun Hwang.

So far  Bruce Bochey manager of San Francisco Giants. Is very interested in making Hwang part of the 25 man roster team.