Nick Gordon Says Bobby Brown Not To Be Trusted

Nick Gordon and Bobbi-Kristina Brown.

HELLO AMERICA!—The Bobbi Kristina Brown saga hasall the characters playing the roles expected of them.  Nick Gordon and his mother made an appearance of the Dr. Phil show recently telling the world how much he and Bobbi loved each other.  Further, he was there for her when no one else was, especially her father Bobby Brown.

While explaining his life with Whitney Houston as a kid and how he and Bobbi were drawn to each other, he broke down in tears and admitted there were times when he wanted to die.  His mother who sat next to him, held him in her arms as if he were a small child again.

A close friend of all the main characters involved noted that the big argument is really about “money,” the big bank account that Whitney left Bobbi.  “Bobby Brown,” he said, “is not to be trusted.  I never really liked the guy; it’s all about himself.  He’s never really been there for Bobbi and this is why she and Nick became so close.  They could talk about things meaningful to them and what they wanted to make of their life together. And like a lot of young people our age, they got to drinking and taking drugs and what happened is the results.”

It is generally believed by all those connected with the Houston and Brown alliance that it is all about the money.  “This is why Cissy the mom can’t stand Bobby because she knows the truth about him,” the source informed. “She never liked or trusted him because of the way he lived.  He was always fighting with somebody or picked up by the police for being drunk or something.  He wasn’t a good example for anybody, especially kids.  Now he wants to be seen as the caring father who deeply loves his daughter.  I’m sorry to say but it seems like an act and a rather bad one.”

Nick has promised everybody that he is going to get his life together the source noted. “This time in his life is crucial because he’s discovering who he is and what kind of human being he is as well.”  Tearfully, Nick told Dr. Phil that he would do anything to make Bobbi better, knowing she is locked in a coma and can’t know how much we love her –her not knowing we’re pulling for her is frustrating.”

Nick Cannon is mad as hell at his soon to be ex-wife Mariah Carey who quietly sold their Bel-Air mansion for $9 million.  Cannon resents the fact that he was not informed when the home was actually sold.  Now he wants to know how much of the sale does he receive.  He might have to sue Mariah before he gets a dime and he is determined to do so if she refuses to sit and negotiate what he should receive.

Cannon made it clear that he doesn’t want to make trouble between he and Mariah because they have kids together and that should be respected.  “I realize how a breakup between two people with children can be a terrible thing for them” he affirmed.  As far as he is concerned, he’ll do anything to protect his children, no matter what the relationship is between he and their mother.  “This is a very sensitive time between me and Mariah but we shouldn’t let it affect the kids.  Both of us have to act like adults and that’s what I’m determined to do.”