HOLLYWOOD—It was only a matter of time before Nikolas Cassadine would be exposed for the hypocrite that he is on “General Hospital.” Shawn and Alexis had a theory, and they got it confirmed when Shawn placed the bug in Spencer’s ear and Alexis all, but called her nephew out on his antics. Nikolas is a funny one. He wants people to be held to certain standards that he views as important, however, he can do the exact opposite and never suffer any consequences. I mean this guy has done some dastardly deeds, and just continues to get away with them time and time again, but Nikolas has been up to no good people.

He may have been in cahoots with Victor Cassadine for much longer than the audience seems to think. So exactly what are Victor and Nikolas working on and what don’t they want Anna, Valentin and others in their orbit to discover.  I am very intrigued by this as it becomes evident that Victor’s big reveal about being Valentin’s father could be a major ruse people.

This brings us to Gladys discovering that Brook Lynn is lying about Bailey being Valentin’s father. I swear I cannot think of another character that has been more annoying as Gladys Corbin. This woman gets her hands on the biggest secrets, threatens people, blackmails them and constantly gets away with it. With that said, this could be the one secret that costs Gladys greatly. Brook Lynn and Maxie want to stop Gladys ‘dead in her tracks’ and it might literally transpire this time people.

Who would be upset? Maybe Brando and Sasha, but I think everyone else would be ok with her paying the price for her antics. She almost died a few months ago and still hasn’t learned from her lesson of blackmail and lying. A fake baby daddy ruse was crafted to stop Gladys in her tracks which has transpired, but Maxie being caught giving Kip that wad of cash by Austin is not good people.

The war between Nina and Carly continues as Carly wants to ensure this woman pays for hiding that Sonny was alive, but Sonny seems to think that is not the best approach. Michael is trying to be a power player to no success in my opinion, causing strife in his relationship with Willow people. I’m kind of over this war between Nina and Carly; I just want the truth about Nina and Sonny being lovers to be unveiled. I sense that Ava might be the person to spill this tea, but Ava’s living on cloud nine should calm down.

Nikolas is back in her orbit, she knows he’s hiding something involving Shawn Butler and Spencer has made it clear he will NEVER be chummy with his wicked stepmother. Trina sees it as noble, Esme and Cameron thinks Spencer is foolish, but perhaps Nikolas is learning his son will not gravel and do anything for the Cassadine fortune like he has in the past and currently for the future.

The audience finally got the tease that Esme is definitely connected to Ryan Chamberlain. How so? The audience is NOT sure just yet, but we do know they have to have some sort of familial connection. Could she be a long lost daughter? Very possible, but I think that would be something that Kevin Collins would know about right? One would think so, but then again, it could be a former lover of Ryan’s who kept the child a secret or did all in their power to protect her from discovering her true roots. We know Esme is adopted, but there could be a twist where Esme is not connected to Ryan, but someone who caused her family pain and she plans to use Ryan to exact revenge.

Well, that is a surprise Ms. Wu is connected to Brad Cooper. I did not expect that reveal from Wu while she spoke to Sonny which makes viewers wonder if Brad is about to make his return to the canvas on Port Charles. I mean Britt and Peter were talking about Brad, so when you hear names mentioned over and over again it is a sign of some things to come.

The Peter, Britt, Jason and Drew foursome has Peter with the edge, having both Jason and Drew held captive and planning to utilize Britt to further his mission to brainwash Maxie into loving him again. Yeah, Peter that is never going to happen and I’m ok if it doesn’t. Jason discovered how Peter activates and deactivates Drew. He plans to use that to neutralize the threat. I thought Peter might meet his maker this month, but something tells me it might not occur till February 2022 sweeps.