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Nikolas Cassadine Is Alive On “General Hospital!”

Marcus Coloma is the new Nikolas Cassadine on "General Hospital."

HOLLYWOOD─I called it, and once again the writing was on the wall by the writers, as Nikolas Cassadine made his triumphant return to Port Charles on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” However, fans were a bit disappointed because the character was NOT portrayed by his originator Tyler Christopher, but newcomer Marcus Coloma. Does Coloma have the chops to play this villainous, yet charming character? The verdict is still out in my opinion, as we‘ve only seen him on the screen for about a week.

However, let’s get back to business. It appears Jax and Hayden were WELL AWARE of Nikolas’ survival and they have been keeping that secret tight-lipped. Hmm, I think a few people in Port Charles will NOT be happy to hear that these two were aware their loved one was very much alive for quite some time and kept mum. Jax has been placed in a dicey situation as he does his best to house Nikolas, without the rest of the world discovering what is going on.

That includes Carly who has a hunch Jax was hiding something, and stumbled upon the big secret, which Jax begged his ex to keep tight-lipped from Sonny. Nikolas had his own issues though, as he committed a crime by helping Cassandra Pierce escape Pentonville. It placed Sam in a precarious position, and my heart breaks for this woman. I mean Peter did her dirty, and when the truth about his deception comes out, whew, Peter August is going to wish he never showed up to Port Charles because Jason will be out for blood. Cassandra was under the impression that Nikolas was going to help her escape, but Nikolas Cassadine is a person you don’t threat, and when he has a mission in play he’ll take you out if need be if you threaten that goal.

Nikolas wants Valentin neutralized and the fact that only Ava knows Nikolas is alive, but everyone has convinced her that she is losing her mind helps the situation. Nikolas doesn’t feel guilty one bit considering Ava betrayed him to ensure Valentin didn’t face murder charges. Jax on the other hand sympathizes with Ava’s plight, as does Laura and Julian.

I mean Laura came face-to-face with Nikolas, but did not see him, which proves he’s not as sly as he thinks. Let’s return to Valentin because he is starting to get worried and I love it. He has NO IDEA that Nina is playing him like a fiddle, but his concerns were heightened by Laura’s interest in Helena’s portrait, as it is key to Mikkos’ codicil which will take everything Valentin has gained from him.

In other Port Charles news, Brad is continuing to unravel as he realizes the secret involving Wiley is getting closer and closer to coming out, and Julian is no longer playing Brad’s game. If anything, Julian is doing all in his power to expose Brad. Michael and Sasha are continuing to bond, which makes me question if there’s any hope for Michael and Willow when the truth about Wiley comes out. We learned that Nelle secretly married Shiloh and that she is exacting vengeance.

Here’s what’s crazy: Nelle’s lawyer, Martin is on Valentin’s payroll. Hmm, this is very intriguing and I’m dying to wonder what Valentin’s angle is with utilizing this guy. Is it to neutralize Sasha, Michael or someone else? We also have a lackluster tale involving Alexis and her new trainer, who happens to be the sister of Kiefer. Those not in the know, Kiefer was Kristina abusive boyfriend, who nearly killed her, but Alexis in a dazed state of mind, ran him over and killed him, in her mission to get Kristina to the hospital for medical treatment.

She is determined to make Alexis pay for killing her brother, as did Kiefer’s parent’s years ago. Yeah, the writers could have kept this storyline if you’re asking me. The biggest news of the week was the return of Anna Devane. Yes, it’s about time! I was wondering if Anna was even going to return to the canvas. She stumbled upon former foe Cassandra Pierce who was holding Charlotte hostage. Yes, Charlotte’s disappearance had everyone riled up including Valentin, Nina, Lulu and Laura.

Too bad Anna has no idea another bomb is about to be dropped on her, when she learns that Finn has a daughter courtesy of Hayden who kept him in the dark about his daughter. Yeah, this will be a very interesting dynamic to see unfold America, and will we finally get the answer to that question of rather Anna is Peter’s mother or is it her sister Alex? We can only hope America, we can only hope.

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