UNITED STATES—Time is precious, it’s valuable for most people. The one thing about time that is super important to understand is that once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can’t get it back people. So this is why I’m a bit frustrated this week, because I feel like at times people have no consideration for my own personal time.

I’m a guy who works crazy hours, I juggle two jobs and I’m a graduate student. To be frank, I have no time, so the time I get, I appreciate every minute of it. What bothers me is when people have no consideration for your time and makes plans without considering your wellbeing. Yeah, I think most people would be peeved by that. For me, I get a bit more peeved, simply because so many people know my time is limited. So what makes you think in your right place of mind, you can make decisions on my availability without asking me if I’m available?

Inconsiderate people do that, because it happened to me this weekend and I was none the bit happy about it. My nephew decided to wait until the day before a project was due to tell his grandfather that he needed my help. I’m always willing to help, but I don’t like unexpected things, especially when I already have a loaded weekend, where I had tons of school work and studying to do.

I was more frustrated by the fact that someone committed me to doing something without asking me first if I was even able to do so. So on a Sunday, like the only day I get off during the entire week; I work 6 days a week people, I’m forced to carve out time from my schedule to work on a project with a kid who seemed more driven to want to play than to work. To be honest I was in NO MOOD to play around. My body was already tired from work and I was just ready to crash literally.

People have to become a lot better with considering other people’s availability and their time commitments. I mean we only have 24 hours in a day, for most of us 10-12 of those hours are spent at work, we might have 6-7 hours to sleep if we’re lucky, which leaves us with less than 5-6 hours to ourselves. Yeah, with the snap of a finger time surely does fly people, so you have to make the best of it when you have it.

For example, I would NEVER make plans with someone else’s schedule without considering their availability and knowing if the person is even willing to partake in whatever it is I might be asking them to do. This is something that actually happens more in everyday life than we expect. It happens at work, it happens at school, it happens and home, it’s a level of control in my opinion that can be quite disruptive to a person who has a set schedule or agenda and they attempt to follow it on a consistent basis.

Everyone would like to believe their time is precious, it’s valued, but until you don’t have that time, that’s the moment you truly realize how important it is. Be considerate of other people’s time and in return they will be considerate of your time in return.