HOLLYWOOD—Tyler Perry, the man who burst onto the big screen in 2005 with the adaptation of his play, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” knows how to deliver comedy. As of recent though, Perry hasn’t had the best success at the box-office as he has ventured into unexpected territory. His flick “Acrimony” failed to ignite a spark with audiences, and his return to comedy in “Nobody’s Fool” is not much better.

For anyone thinking this flick has an appearance by the great matriarch Madea, think again, she does not appear in this movie. You’ll have to wait until 2019, where Madea’s final appearance is highlighted in “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral.” Perry, however, takes on writing and directing duties as always for this romantic comedy about a woman who has been catfished. For those not familiar with the lingo, it is the notion of being hoodwinked by someone online; yeah, the world of online dating can be sketch and you never know if who you think you’re talking to is actually that person.

The tale revolves around Danica (Tika Sumpter), a high-powered marketing employee, who thinks she has met the man of her dreams online; there is just one slight problem. Danica has never come face-to-face with that individual. She is near perfect compared to her sister Tanya (Tiffany Haddish), especially in the eyes of their mother Lola (Whoopi Goldberg). Here’s the thing, Haddish was the breakout star in “Girls Trip” and hilarious, drop-dead hilarious in that movie. However, since that role it seems like she’s being cast as the over-the-top woman in all the flicks she has appeared in since that film.

I’ve seen that character before; it’s slightly tired and old. You can be funny without having to do outlandish things. Haddish is funny in the movie, but the laughs do not leave the viewer with a bellyache. If you’re touting something as a comedy, I expect to laugh throughout the entire movie not bits and parts of the film. Goldberg’s talent as an actress is wasted in my personal opinion and Sumpter while solid in the role doesn’t bring anything to make this flick memorable. Omari Hardwick portrays Frank, the man who eventually captures Danica’s heart, but without working for it first; a typical, roadblock in any romantic comedy. There is a fun cameo by comedian Chris Rock, but the movie doesn’t have much more going for it.

I should also note that Perry is directing his first R-rated comedy and I would argue he might want to stick to PG-13. Why? His ability to deliver a witty script with constant laughs and tons of heart is evident in his prior works which is greatly missing here. Just because you deliver foul language or outlandish behavior will not always equate to laughter. “Nobody’s Fool” lives up to its title, don’t be fooled into thinking this flick will deliver something we haven’t seen in cinema before or on the small screen.