HOLLYWOOD—Beverly Hills and Manhattan women just love their Louboutins, but that’s where the shopping similarities end. Bright colors and playful pieces are what they love out west, and sophisticated, polished neutrals are the styles in the east. Interestingly enough, all women loved Marc Jacobs spring 2013 collection. His Mod fashion look reminded everyone of the 60s model icon Twiggy. Jacobs keeps this season in black and white with even the true 60s signature the kohl-rimmed eyes.

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand especially at the New York International Make-Up Artist Trade Show better known as (IMATS). The sold-out event took place at Pier 94 on April 5-7. The event was full of vendors with two days of presentations. The New York event sold 9,000 tickets in two days, the biggest turn out till date. It definitely continues to grow. The usual exhibitors were Jessie’s Girl Cosmetics, a huge crowd for Julie G, who recently launched another line of nail polishes from her spring collection. Stila had huge lines along with our friend Eve Pearl. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics had long lines along with Inglot. However, missing from the two-day extravaganza was NYX and Sigma.

Multiple Emmy Award winner Kevin James Bennett is always informative and his presentation on tracking trends was enlightening,
One of the biggest problems sales directors have is to come up with a strategy to target a certain demographic besides teen gurus, says sales director Scott Jones. Beauty guru Nicole had such a long line, that security had to be called and she had to eventually be swept into an office. Celebrities were once hired for product endorsements now bloggers have taken over the digital age. Some of the most popular YouTube gurus were at the event including the beautiful and personable Stephanie (smlxo). All these beauty gurus are gorgeous and endorse affordable products. The Makeup Museum showcased a bust of ” Lincoln,” along with other works in film that were showcased back in January in Pasadena.

The event was once again full of quality and it successfully resonated with the audience. Michael Key, the show’s director and CEO of Makeup Artist magazine, once again excelled in making IMATS, New York, the makeup world’s biggest weekend. The after-party also marked the 100th issue of the magazine and was celebrated at the Dream Hotel in New York City.

There is talk that MAC Cosmetics is gearing up to be at IMATS next year. Imagine if they persuaded Nicki Minaj to attend. The reigning queen of hip-hop may be known for her outrageous outfits and look-at-me hairdos, but her second Viva Glam line for MAC Cosmetics is chic in its simplicity. The collection includes a lipstick and lip gloss in a new shade that fuses pastel, lavender and pink, and all proceeds go to women, men and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Now that’s beautiful. Maybe even, Rihanna, first it was her collection for high-street hero River Island which (you may recall) took London Fashion Week by storm. Then she announced a collaboration with MAC. The superstar has had more beauty transformations that we’ve had filet mignons so who better to give MAC’s cult classic lipstick a remix? Rihanna has transformed the beloved Ruby Woo and renamed it RiRi Woo Matte, it will be available from May 2013. I’m dreaming, maybe Lady Gaga, Viva Glam.

Rose’s Scoop: Everyone loves to wear sunglasses to accent your wardrobe or just protect your eyes. If you want to be sunny-style inspired, look no further than Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr is a serial sunglasses sporter-who just loves to change shades. Her shades are always great.

By Rose Quintiliano