Our Orange Peachy Friend, The Apricot


UNITED STATES—Upon first glance you can easily mistake the apricot for a peach, but its not.  While both fruits are apart of the stone fruit family, the apricot has a taste unlike any other.  It’s sweet, yet tart, but deliciously tantalizes the taste buds in a way that a peach and nectarine can not. The texture of an apricot is extremely soft at times, so be sure to not pick an over ripe fruit otherwise attempting to slice the fruit will be impossible.

The apricot is a go-to fruit if your body is in need of vitamin A (great source of beta-carotene) and vitamin C.  Apricots are also great as a dried fruit.  They are an abundant source of fiber which has been used to combat constipation. The fruit also contains a high source of carotenoids which are antioxidants that help fight the battle against heart disease, fight cancer and reduce bad cholesterol.

The apricot is a fruit that is very seasonal, widely available in late spring and summer so stock up on the fruit during that time.  It’s a staple used for jams, fruit salads and to provide color to some tasty desserts.  If you’re looking to make a tasty smoothie with fruits from the plum family or stone fruits as many call them use apricots, peaches and nectarines with a banana, a cup of ice, a carrot and a cup of orange juice, apple juice or grapefruit juice.  The various flavors from all of these fruits will satisfy the taste buds.

By LaDale Anderson