HOLLYWOOD—Talk about an episode people. We’re halfway thru the third season of “Power Book II: Ghost,” and this episode unlocked some major secrets and bombs that will have ripple effects the rest of the season. A death of a primary player, a harbored secret coming to light and duplicities being exposed, yeah, that was just the beginning of ‘No More Second Chances.’

Monet and the rest of the Tejeda clan were picking up the pieces after she fatally shot Detective Whitman. Monet suspected Lorenzo as culpable in Zeke’s demise, as that played out throughout the rest of the episode. Tariq alerted Tate with some information to help the feds related to the murder of Dante Spears aka Mecca. Back at Weston Holdings, Tariq, Brayden, RSJ and Kiki were planning a trip to Italy for a business venture without Lucas. It looks like this RSJ is a businessman who refuses to play by the rules, as his respect for Tariq grows.

Monet learned from Tariq that the pieces are not connecting to the individual Cane and Lorenzo pointed the finger at for killing Zeke. Cane warned Lorenzo that Monet might be onto him. Dru and Gordo learned his connect was a CI and they had to eliminate him or any evidence he had that could place targets on their back. I must admit Monet has really annoyed me these past few episodes. She is quite the character who is loyal to only 1 person: HERSELF. She decided to spill tea to her pal about the death of her hubby, Frank. It was so apparent what Monet was up to.

Hmm, Monet you think telling your pal now that you’ve known for a period of time that her hubby was murdered and Lorenzo played a role in it? Makes you look bad, and even worse that you’re hoping to gain something else. Monet was setting the stage for Lorenzo to see a bloody demise, one that has her fingerprints all over it. Making matters worse is what she will do when Diana, Cane and Dru learn what she did? The fallout will be well worth it.

In Milan, RSJ pulled some strings to seal that business deal with leverage involving a U.S. patent. Kiki got a hunch that Brayden was up to no good, after he dropped his found and she spotted something she shouldn’t have seen. I’ve been waiting to see Noma return, and we got a taste of her viciousness as she surprised Tariq and Effie during their romantic dinner. She wanted their assistance to retrieving a listening device Mecca planted against one of her arms competitors. This woman speaks and people just start shaking; I love it.

Dru and Gordo learned that CI died and immediately went to go retrieve his belongings by paying off someone at the hospital. They deleted photos on the phone and any evidence linking them to the CI before destroying the phone. Blanca was duped and not happy about it. Tariq implemented his plan to get his hands on that listening device, but Effie and Brayden ran into trouble resulting in Brayden being kidnapped and pummeled as a result.

I love the bond between Diana and Lorenzo. It’s a father and daughter bond that is unbreakable. She loves her father unconditionally and vice versa. When he revealed that she longer has to push drugs on campus, she became ecstatic. Monet slyly spilled to Gordo that Lorenzo killed his father and the stage was set for some chaos.

Saxe found legal precedent to help Davis get his brother out of prison, which was all a decoy to land some information on his boss that he could deliver to Jenny. What did Saxe find in that locked drawer? A stolen police file from Detective Kevin Whitman. However, Saxe, being Saxe when he has a hunch he never lets it go, and that phone that Jenny didn’t answer came back into play.

How so? Jenny ignored Saxe’s phone calls and it only further led him to tailing Jenny to see what she was up to. Noma came to Tariq and Effie’s rescue in their quest to rescue Brayden. Yeah, with someone like Noma once you’re in there is no out unless you die or she dies. However, Effie did land potential leverage. She learned that Noma’s competitor was a former lover and she might share a child with that man. Looks like Noma does indeed have an Achilles Heel people.

Lorenzo decided to confess, and Monet attempting to act like she didn’t know anything was just bad acting from Mary J. Blige. Lorenzo confessed that he was the person who fatally shot Zeke. Monet snapped; unleashing a bit of anger, but I expected more emotion from the character who was grieving the loss of a child. I thought Monet was about to shoot him dead, but nope, she wanted that blood on someone else’s hands and forced her hubby out of the house.

Jenny’s plan of keeping Lauren hidden blew up, because Saxe followed her to that little lake house and confronted his on again and off again lover. Lauren overheard tidbits of the conversation before coming face-to-face with a stunned Saxe. Saxe showed a bit of rage as he spilled tea that Tariq was not responsible for wanting her dead (that was true), but Tariq’s fingerprints are all over the situation. This Tariq loved Lauren BS is just that BS. They hadn’t even been together that long for the love to manifest.

Diana played stupid regarding the whereabouts of Lorenzo to her kids, as Gordo committed the bloody deed of slitting Lorenzo’s throat as he attempting to change a flat tire. That was a shocker, but the biggest shocker was Tariq coming face-to-face with a very undead Lauren. He was speechless. He pleaded his innocence, as Lauren confessed that Brayden and Effie tried to kill her. Lauren didn’t believe what Tariq was saying, however, he was seething mad, just as Lauren made it clear Brayden and Effie cannot know she is alive.

She revealed the feds are building a case against him, and this kid’s wheels started churning. However, that was nothing and I mean nothing compared to the rage that was brewing inside Tariq’s head as he realized Effie has been playing him for months now. Next week Lorenzo’s funeral unfolds and something tells me a big event is going to unfold as the family pays its respect.