UNITED STATES—Most Americans have known for years how dangerous and tactless North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un truly is. He has recently made headlines after announcing launching missiles that can actually travel far enough to strike the United States. The guy is a nutcase, a dictator and wants anyone who does not fall in line with North Korea’s way of thinking to adhere to his commands or else. However, the situation is not helping with President Donald Trump going tic-for-tac with this guy.

I personally do not believe President Trump is attempting to incite a war between the United States and North Korea in any fashion. I know for many people with the constant tweets and talks from the president, that this may be the case. However, what I see President Trump doing is clearly picking a side. He’s letting Kim Jong-Un know that if he attempts or even fires an attack on the United States all bets are off. His goal is to ensure this dictator understands there will be consequences for such actions and that America is NOT afraid to go to battle if need be.

I think that is a very important message to get across to all Americans, but at the same time it is indeed dangerous ground people. You don’t want to entice or antagonize someone who is already greedy and overzealous with power; if anything your goal is to neutralize that power as much as you possible can.

The more you push someone like Kim Jong-Un the more likely he is to retaliate. However, I do not suspect Jong-Un has a missile that can yet reach the United States and is just making threats to see how our country will respond to such tactics. I mean we’ve all heard the phrase, “America does not negotiate with terrorists.” There is a reason for that; the more you give the more they are likely to take.

Also an important issue of discussing, is what will transpire if America did indeed go to war with North Korea? Is this something Donald Trump is even considering? You’re talking about a possible military draft, and I question how many people would be okay with fighting what some would consider a Cold War (one of words). War is never something to smirk about. It changes lives, it changes countries, it alters everything you think you know and in most cases not always for the best. The last thing the United States of America needs is a war. We already have so much chaos and bloodshed transpiring in our country that we have yet to fix people.

We have two guys who are looking to showcase their egos, and in the process entangle the millions of lives that will be significantly altered if a war were to transpire. Take a seat back like seriously. Trump stop dishing rhetoric that can be construed as a threat or implying you’re ready to go to battle when you’re not. Kim Jong-Un be wary of what country you’re messing with. The United States does not take threats likely, so back-off, take a chill pill. You’ve been warned that if you attempt to cause any harm to this country it might be the end of North Korea as you know it.