“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘Crash And Burn, Girl’

Emily Fields

HOLLYWOOD—What have the liars done to piss off “A” this badly? Episode seven “Crash & Burn, Girl” saw the ladies dealing with the news involving Hanna (Ashley Benson) mom, Ashley (Laura Leighton) being in prison for Detective Wilden’s murder.  Hanna paid her mom a visit in the slammer to keep her spirits high.

It was about time to see some of the gentlemen of “PLL” get in on the action, as Toby (Keegan Allen) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) began working together to get the goods on “Red Coat.”  They got a lead that took them to a flight center, where the tip means “Red Coat” may have been in Delaware. Hmm, interesting tidbit of information, as the attendant who helped the guys made a call after they left.

Aria (Lucy Hale) was not too pleased to inform her father, Byron (Chad Lowe) that Mike was the perpetrator who damaged Connor’s vehicle.  Can’t help, but say the little dweeb deserved what he got. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) informed Hanna that her mom would not be coming home anytime soon, and could perhaps spend the rest of her life in prison.  It was a tender moment; where both friends dealt with a devastating blow. Emily (Shay Mitchell) was tempted to dig into her mom’s safety box at the police station to garner more news and enlisted Spencer and Aria’s help to break into Wilden’s apartment.

Toby revealed to Caleb the lighter that he found the night he was struck by a mysterious figure and speculated that the lighter could be an important key to “Red Coat.” Inside Wilden’s apartment, the liars discovered a note.  “Can’t wait to see you at our barbeque,” Kisses-A. I wonder just what that note implied; was it a threat or something else.  Looks like “A” was also blackmailing the cop as well.

Aria ran into Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding) about the incident involving Connor’s car; it made me begin to suspect that perhaps, Ezra was the one who went AWOL on Connor’s car. Emily placed her mom in a bad situation by stealing the key; I’m hoping she doesn’t lose her job over this fiasco.  Caleb and Toby confronted Nigel about the blonde girl that he faked a flight plan for; he panicked with the stream of questions, but not before mentioning the name CeCe Drake; an interesting factoid to say the least.

Ezra took principal Hackett to task about his impending pursuit against the Montgomery case. Spencer was informed of the latest that Toby and Caleb discovered about the mysterious “Red Coat.”  Toby informed Spencer, that Dr. Palmer warned his mom about the ‘blonde girl,’ which lead both of them to speculate that perhaps CeCe is playing a bigger role in things. Mike admitted that he wasn’t the guilty party in destroying Connor’s vehicle, which means Mr. Fitz could have been the culprit.

Pam confronted her mom about re-scheduling her appointment for rehabilitation and informed her daughter that she was suspended from work today, thanks to her little fiasco, which Emily has not yet admitted to.  Not before “A” sent a threatening message indicating they are fully aware she visited Wilden’s apartment and that things will come crashing down around her. Aria left Mr. Fitz a thank note, for helping mediate the situation involving her brother.  During their brief conversation, it sounded as if he admitted to damaging Connor’s vehicle.  That’s not good Ezra, you could actually end up in the slammer.

Hanna begged her mom to plead self-defense, but Ashley wouldn’t back down to the fact that she did not murder Wilden; she was very adamant and I honestly believe every single word. Nigel held a conversation with a mysterious individual who appeared to be Jenna (Tammin Sursok).  The sunglasses and cane proved it. Emily was ravaged with guilt over the situation that she caused with her mother at work.  She eavesdropped on a conversation between her mom and her father, just as a vehicle came crashing through the house towards her mother.

“A” is looking to kill people, no one is safe!  The episode concluded with someone at a hardware shop purchasing a home repair magazine and gift card for Emily Fields. Can’t wait until next week’s episode “PLL” fanatics!

By LaDale Anderson