HOLLYWOOD—It seems like it has been a year since we last talked about the ABC Family, now known as Free Form hit “Pretty Little Liars.” Well if you were suffering from “PLL” withdrawal, the ladies of Rosewood are back, but they’re not in high school anymore, they’re adults!

Yep, the series has implemented a five-year time jump where Spencer, Emily, Aria, Hanna and Alison are now living in the adult world post college life. The second-half of season six kicked off with the premiere episode “Of Late I Think Of Rosewood” which saw Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily summoned back to Rosewood on behalf of their pal Ali.

Doing a time jump is no easy task for a TV series, but I have to give it to the “PLL” writers because they make it seem so seamless and I’m all glued. Trust me, after that meh “A” reveal, I wasn’t sure if I’d even consider tuning into the rest of season six. The episode opened with Ali in the classroom, she’s a teacher, who gets a visit from Dr. Rollins on behalf of Cece aka “A.” She summons the ladies to return home to testify on Cece’s behalf.

Of all the ladies, the most mature looking of them has to be Hanna; she seems eons from the others. Spencer still has fear because hearing a buzzing phone reminded her of the “A” game. The ladies reunited at The Brew to talk about where their lives currently stand. Emily’s dad has passed away, and Radley has been transformed to a lavish hotel, which Ashley is in charge of. Mama Marin is no fan of Cece. Aria came face-to-face with her dad Byron to update him on things in her life. Looks like Ezra has fallen into a dark tunnel, where it’s apparent Nicole suffered a tragic fate.

What?! Veronica Hastings is running for a state senator seat, must say I’m not surprised. Is Spoby getting back together? Doesn’t seem so, but the two were indeed chummy when they came face-to-face after 5 years. Toby didn’t seem pleased to hear that all the ladies were back in town and a dinner date seems promising people. Ali updated the girls on the status of Charlotte, where she asked them to present statements of support for her release. Hmm, the girls were quite hesitant to lie. It seems the only person who is in Cece’s corner is Ali, not even Jason is supportive of his sister being released.

The liars watched Veronica deliver a public speech, as they deciphered that it might not be a bad idea to lie on Ali’s behalf. Out of nowhere Mona surprises Spencer, asking her about nightmares that she is suffering from. Looks like Mona has not changed too much at all. The two enemies seem to have more in common; they both work in the political arena. Toby and Emily shared a beer over those who stayed in Rosewood over those who left. Emily admitted that college was no cakewalk and her dad’s passing left a rift in her life.

At Charlotte’s hearing, Ali, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria testified on the current state of their lives post “A’s” machinations. While giving her testimony Aria was thrown off-guard when Ezra entered the room, but it was apparent Aria was still suffering from trauma. When Mona gave her testimony, she acknowledged that she has sympathy for Charlotte; she knows what it’s like to be locked away. Hmm, just what the hell is Mona up to? Looks like Ali got her wish, Charlotte, Cece, A, whatever we call her has been released to her sister’s custody.

The ladies ‘celebrated’ over drinks, and what became a happy moment soon turned sour as the ladies shared how they truly felt about “A.” Why did my instinct tell me a death was in the works, the death being none other than “A” and the finger could be pointed at anyone who she tortured? It soon became apparent that the liars were being watched, but the big question is by whom?

After a night of too much partying, the liars found themselves dealing with a hangover. Seems like the liars shouldn’t drink, seems like every time they do, something bad happens that haunts them. Hanna received a call from Ali who panicked about Charlotte’s sudden disappearance.

Emily is keeping a major secret from the ladies as a bunch of pills dropped from her purse. Like I predicted, Charlotte has been murdered and it looks like Toby and Detective Lorenzo are heading up the investigation. Looks like she committed suicide, but we all know that is way too easy in the world of “PLL.” Ali was completely devastated and it looks like Emison could be getting back together.

Haleb is back in the mix, as Hanna and Caleb came face-to-face to discuss what has transpired with Charlotte. C’mon liars, you know Charlotte did not kill herself. Looks like that spark between the two is still there?

At the funeral, the lairs were stunned to see Sara Harvey in attendance, dressed in her black widow attire. Detective Lorenzo made it clear to the ladies that the autopsy from Charlotte revealed that she was murdered and he suspects they might be involved in the chaos. Hmm, looks like the liars have been brought back into a web of deception where trust between them will be shattered at the hands of a new enemy. I mean all of them have motive to take out Charlotte, as do Toby, Ezra, Mona, Caleb and almost every single parent in Rosewood, but WHO acted on it?

This episode reminded me of something important: we still have no idea of who murdered Ali’s mom, Mrs. DiLaurentis. Looks like “Pretty Little Liars” sure knows how to set the stage for a fun season, until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!