HOLLYWOOD—I was a fan of the Disney series “That’s So Raven” starring Raven Symone. Till this day I still cannot get that theme song out of my head. Catchy, doesn’t even come close to describing the song. With that said, the series ended years ago, but Disney found a way to bring that iconic character, Raven Baxter (Symone) and her bestie Chelsea (Annaliese Van Der Pool), this time with children. NOTE: the series is not called “That’s So Raven,” it’s called “Raven’s Home.”

The theme song is catchy, but not as catchy as its predecessor. With that said, it is so welcoming to see Chelsea and Raven as moms and navigating life as adults as the notion of being psychic has now been passed from Raven to her son Booker (Isaac Ryan Brown). If I had to describe Booker, the best way I could describe the kid (now a teen) is that he is Raven, but a lot more clueless about certain things. Booker’s psychic abilities are constantly challenged thanks to his twin sister Nia (Navia Robinson), who is a pro-activist character, who is the brains of the family. She is quite ambitious and does not like to lose America.

Nia and Booker’s journey through life adds fuel to the laughs thanks to Nia’s bestie Tess (Sky Katz), who is a force to be reckoned with as a basketball player and rapper who is part of the trio’s music group. Tess lives next door to the twins and is a frequent guest at their apartment. Rounding out the cast is Levi (Jason Maybaum), Chelsea’s son, who happens to be quite smart as well. He tends to bounce ideas off Booker and Nia, especially Booker whenever he has a vision.

The great thing about the series, similar to its predecessor is that Booker never accurately predicts any of his visions. He comes close, but coming close never counts. Half of the time he attempts to prevent something bad from happening, but in doing so Booker, Nia, Tess and Levi only make the situation worse. What I love about “Raven’s Home” is if I EVER need a laugh or to watch a series that is family friendly: this one always tops my list.

It is funny, it is witty, it is original and it’s full of heart. All of the characters are unique and different in facets that they all stand out for all the right reasons. There are life lessons to be learned in each episode and did I mention the series is hilarious. I cannot recall watching a single episode where I did have a bellyache by the time the episode ended. On top of that it’s amazing to see how much these kids have grown since the series premiered in 2017. Booker was so little, now he’s now a young adult, the same for Nia and Levi. It is amazing to see characters grow and mature as time progresses and that is what I enjoy about this series. Its family friendly, but it’s not afraid to tackle tough issues like financial stressors, vaping, employment, academics, the list goes on.

I know some people might laugh that an adult male watches the Disney channel, but trust me, sometimes you need a lighthearted series to take away from those daily stressors that you encounter. So for those who were big fans of “That’s So Raven,” you’ll love “Raven’s Home.” If you haven’t witnessed the series, give “Raven’s Home” a watch. New episodes of “Raven’s Home” air Fridays at 8 p.m. on Disney.