SANTA CLARA—The City of Santa Clara is warning locals of a scam where scammers pretend to be the City Mayor Lisa Gillmor as first reported on Wednesday, November 3.

Officials state that the victim receives a phone call from a caller who claims to be the Santa Clara Mayor regarding a chance to win $10,000 a week for life or a single payment of $18.5 million in a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. The scammer will then ask the victim for a payment to cover taxes for their cash prize.

Members of the community were also alerted earlier that scammers will assert that they are legitimate by saying that they a from a reliable location to fool the victim.

It is stressed that potential victims do not give out any banking information in what a scam could potentially be. Officials instructed those to hang up immediately if they receive such a call.

If you are a victim please call police at (408) 615-4700. For more information on scams please visit