“Revenge” Recap: ‘Burn’


HOLLYWOOD—This was an episode of “Revenge” that sent a signal to fans that season four is likely the end to what became the breakout series when it premiered a few years ago. I knew big things were coming, but end of episode 20 ‘Burn’ left me reeling. Why? The Queen Bee, Victoria Grayson is no more, yes, Victoria is DEAD! If she isn’t I wouldn’t be totally stunned, this is “Revenge” people, but it sure seemed like a farewell. We have to rewind a bit to examine what things led to that epic shocker.

The episode opened with Victoria realizing that Emily Thorne has literally nailed her to the coffin with her latest stunt. As much as I feel sorry for Victoria, but she set the stage for all the events that have taken place. Louise and Margaux bickered as the ladies decided what was best to protect Victoria. When Louise got Vicky to go to lunch, the Queen Bee was attacked by a woman who looked like Emily Thorne. At first I suspected that, but I have reason to believe it was someone else.

Jack replaced the headstone to Amanda Clarke’s grave, just as he and Emily reminisced about happier times. Nolan’s relationship with Tom continued to blossom, but little did he know, trouble was brewing behind the scenes. Finally, Nolan and Emily chatted about the state of their relationship and the duo reconciled to a degree. There were no hugs, but they were cordial.

David seemed off kilter, when Stevie confronted him about corrected the paperwork for the name of her grandson. Stevie was rocked when she discovered that Emily’s dad is battling cancer. He has yet to tell the devastating news to his daughter who finally thinks all in the world is okay. Ben paid Emily a visit to discuss their relationship and it became very evident for the audience this spark has died; heck I thought it was over last week.

Emily and Nolan had to move quickly as Victoria and Margaux got in contact with the FBI. Just when the audience suspected Victoria would win, Emily staged a fire that allowed her to get her hands on the one piece of evidence to keep herself safe. I must admit her dressing as a firefighter and nabbing that device from the agent without him even knowing was epic. This left Victoria reeling as she seemed to lose her composure and all hope to keep living.

Emily destroyed the flash drive and alerted her father that all is over, but he still didn’t reveal his diagnosis. Victoria bid farewell to Louise and Margaux, just as her security guy was able to locate her famed chair. I had the eeriest feeling that she was about to go AWOL and try to kill Emily, but she had bigger plans in play.

Jack revealed to Nolan that he was leaving The Hamptons to head to Los Angeles, and he was leaving tonight. This left him rambling to get to Emily in time to reveal the shocker, just as Ben walked in on the conversation.  Louise did her best to stage a scene at Nolan’s event. Does this girl not know she’s dealing with a super genius? Trying to outwit him is no easy task at all. Stevie bid farewell to David, but alerted him that she would be there if he needed her. Jeez could these two hook-up already.

Emily in a frantic state of mind rushed to the airport to try to stop Jack, but it was too late. The surprise of the episode was that Mason Clarke reemerged totting to his former enemy that she’ll never have the happily ever after. I sure hope he wasn’t the one using that sharper in last week’s episode as it is no surprise to the viewer in my opinion. In perhaps the biggest shocker in “Revenge” history, Victoria Grayson returned to her home sitting in her prized possession. What she did next was a game-changer, as she turned on the gas in the home and lit a match blowing up the home in epic fashion.

So with Victoria Grayson gone, and this time she really is, it’s indeed apparent that season four will be the last of “Revenge.” I have a feeling this was Mrs. Grayson grand plan, to point the finger at her enemy in a way that Emily Thorne will have trouble escaping. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!