“Revenge” Recap: ‘Homecoming’


HOLLYWOOD—It was the wedding shocker that changed everything on “Revenge.” Daniel (Joshua Bowman) shot Emily (Emily VanCamp)!  The aftermath of that act, unfolded in episode 11 “Homecoming” which saw loved ones covering secrets and attempting to discover the truth. The news opened with media coverage of the scandal, with Nolan (Gabriel Mann) not fully aware that his BFF was in grave danger.  Emily was alive, but barely clinging to life onto a buoy.

Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) bickered about what went wrong with the plan, just as Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) began to question Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) as a potential suspect.  Conrad (Henry Czerny) covered for his son, whose whereabouts are a bit speculative. Lydia (Amber Valletta) lied about her location, placing Conrad in another sticky place, and detectives are closing in on the fact that someone onboard the yacht shot the victim, creating chaos all over.

I’ve never seen the Grayson clan so fearful about their actions, perhaps Emily’s diversion worked in a way that she didn’t expect. Nolan, Jack and Nick were at each other throats over Emily’s situation. Victoria revealed to Patrick (Justin Hartley) that Emily was targeting her family and she is a prime suspect in Emily’s disappearance. Daniel was in a complete daze while being questioned by authorities; it looked like he was going to crack at any given moment.

The doctor delivered news that Emily was never pregnant, but the audience was well aware of that secret already.  Nolan stormed into the hospital demanding answers, just as he aired the dirty laundry between him and Patrick causing the Queen Bee to lose it. Emily was a complete wreck after waking up and not knowing her identity. Aiden and Nolan devised a plan to get Emily as far away from the Grayson coupe as possible, just as Margaux (Karine Vanasse) informed Jack that she concealed photos of what may have transpired, as both realized that Victoria and another party are missing from the photos! They are secretly onto Danny boy; it’s just a matter of time before the walls start crashing down.

Charlotte is indeed in a tough spot, having to cover for her brother, while not knowing her ‘sister’ is in a dire state. Lydia questioned Victoria’s intent on shooting Emily, which fueled the Lady of the House. Lydia pulled a move that literally left me gasping as she poured a glass of wine on Vicky’s favorite chair!  The returned Hamptonite is burning bridges left and right that will ultimately lead to her demise.

Patrick unleashed a bit of anger on Nolan, just as he spied on his flame from a distance, who was up to no good. Aiden found his way into Emily’s room, but was startled to discover that Emily had no clue who he was. Nolan and Jack were not pleased to discover from Aiden that their BFF has memory loss. Jack was adamant about not seeing Emily, which left Nolan at a loss. Daniel confessed to his mother that he knew everything and that he shot Emily, and he refused to let his mom take the fall. Victoria paid Margaux a visit asking for her allegiance, but Margaux dropped a bombshell when she revealed photos showing Lydia missing from the photos.

It was a tender bonding moment between Charlotte and Emily, as our heroine revealed a bombshell to Charlotte: her father was David Clarke! Will Charlotte be smart enough to make the connection? Victoria informed Conrad of the identity of the true shooter, placing him in a situation to choose between saving his flame or his son. Charlotte reached out to Jack informing him of Emily’s admission about David Clarke. The news did indeed alarm Jack who decided to pay Em’s a visit. Lydiawas none too pleased to discover that Conrad was willing to throw her under the bus, to save his son. She was concerned, and she finally learned from past mistakes; she took off! Indeed smart to say the least, but it gave Victoria the ammunition that she needed. Daniel watched the news in disarray, learning that Lydia was about to take the fall for his actions. Another rift between father and son surfaced; with the nail in the coffin. I’ve never seen Conrad this upset, its obvious that he is literally finished with his son. Aiden was not too pleased to see Niko, a woman from his past who saved his life and also attempted to assist Emily. Whoa, seems Aiden has another lady in his life besides Ms. Thorne! I wonder how Emily will respond to discovering the truth.

The ups and downs between Victoria and Patrick are indeed getting on my last nerves. He revealed to Victoria that Nolan has a secret safe in his house; that of course peaks our nemesis’ interest. God, I can’t wait to see the look onVictoria’s face when she discovers Emily’s true identity. Priceless, wouldn’t do justice. It now looks like he is intent on helping take down the people who wronged his mother, little does he know of the evil misdeeds his mother has implemented onto others.

Jack did his best to breakthrough to Emily; he confessed some raw feelings and begged her to come back to him and it worked.  She began to remember pieces of her past, as she revealed to Jack that Daniel was the person who shot her! Jack will be out for blood. Next week’s episode looks intriguing as Emily finds herself at the mercy of Victoria, but Victoria should watch her back because the truth will destroy all! Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson