HOLLYWOOD—It was the series that I gave little hope for when it debuted in 2011, but it soon became a fan favorite of mine. Its first season might have been one of the best, but the series redeemed itself quite well mid-way through season three, to deliver a thrilling season four. Many of us knew season four would be its latest, but I never expected the outcome that I was delivered Sunday night.

The series finale amply titled ‘Two Graves’ set the stage for the showdown of the century: Victoria Grayson versus Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke. The title alone screamed bad things, and plenty of that happen in this jam-packed hour, but never did I expect VICTORIA TO TRULY DIE!

The episode opened with Amanda reflecting upon her time as a child with her father; a discussion about doing bad things, and the choices that we make. Emily found herself in a catch-22 when she discovered that Detective Ben Hunter had been killed. Margaux came face-to-face with Victoria who was dressed as a construction worker; seems the ladies were a bit frightened by their new ‘ally.’

Victoria passed on the corpse of her mother! Yeah, this woman is not winning the award for mother of the year. In a riveting moment, Emily, I’ll always know her by that name, not Amanda Clarke, revealed all of her devious deeds, including the murder of her nemesis. Our heroine alerted her father about Ben’s murder and how she pled guilty to a crime she didn’t commit. Nolan and Jack deciphered a plan to help Emily break-out. In a flashback, Victoria shared a moment with her dying mother. Like mother, like daughter. Nolan implemented his plan, which allowed Emily to plan her escape.

At Victoria’s ‘funeral’ Louise was a bit stunned to realize that Victoria’s children didn’t show up, Margaux, of course played coy to the issue. Emily and Jack realized that Vicky burned her own mother’s corpse. Our Queen Bee decided to reveal the truth to Louise about her survival, and Vicky asked for a big move to be made against her foe courtesy of Margaux.

Finally, Emily and Jack gave into temptation, just as Louise got the shock of her lifetime when she came face-to-face with her friend. Nolan and David did some digging and discovered that the mercenary White Gold has been hired by Margaux, which led to panic. Jake returned to the home, but found himself in serious trouble near death, but the authorities arrived allowing White Gold to escape. Emily snuck into the hospital to see Jack with Nolan by his bedside.

Nolan and Emily were determined to take down their enemies once and for all, and Louise arrived at the hospital to share the goods on Victoria. Whoa, I didn’t not see that happening, which left me wondering, who is going to die?

Margaux found herself being tormented by Nolan about Ben’s death. She seemed shocked by the revelation of the news about Jack and Ben. Nolan unleashed some anger for a change, yes, finally a dark side from our noble one. It was indeed a tense scene to say the least. At the hospital, Jack asked David for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Victoria got a taste of her own medicine when Louise arrived with Emily Thorne in tow with gun in hand. Marguax devised a plan for White Gold to attack Nolan, which didn’t look good. He stabbed her, but Nolan used a Taser to take out the assassin; wow, Margaux gave into nobility by taking acceptance fro her actions.

The showdown audiences have been waiting for: Victoria and Emily Thorne, but who would make it out alive, if anything. Just when we thought Emily was about to fatally shot Victoria, it was David, her father who fired the bullet into his former lover. Just when we thought a happy ending would arrive, Victoria down, but not out, fired a shot into Emily. Uh-oh, things did not look good for our heroine.

Yeah, Emily survived and she was joined by her sister Charlotte, as they paid tribute to their father, David succumbed to his injuries. Sad face right now, but smiles galore with the revelation that Emily was getting married to Jack. Standing by her side was her BFF Nolan. She reassured him that there is life after revenge, but would he get the happily ever after we all wished for. The two friends from childhood finally got the opportunity to bask in happiness, which the fans had been anticipating for four seasons.

Wow, in a twist, it was revealed that Charlotte was the reason that Emily survived. She gave her sister Victoria’s heart. Whoa, does that mean our heroine has a black heart? I guess, we will never know. The series wrapped with Emily and Jack sailing in the sunset, just as she allowed Nolan to continue to help people in their quest for vengeance.

I must say that was a finale well worth the wait. It’s a sad time, for “Revenge” lovers, but I think the series ended on a definitive high note. “Revenge” you will be missed!