“Revenge” Recap: ‘Union’


HOLLYWOOD—Its been close to a month since the last episode of “Revenge.”  The drama returned on Sunday night with episode 13 ‘Union’ to kick off February sweeps and was it an episode to talk about.  The episode opened with a flashback with Emily (Emily VanCamp) as a child reminiscing about fun times with Jack and her father.  Nolan (Gabriel Mann) disrupted that memory as he provided updates on Padma and Aiden (Barry Sloan).

Nolan was a bit stunned to see Aiden at his office as he gave orders to pull up the video on his sister’s “staged death.”  Amanda dropped on Jack that Emily wanted to help him purchase the bar back from Conrad to prevent future issues driving a wedge in between their relationship. Victoria continued to take jabs at Ashley, just as she demanded Conrad to provide updates on voice recordings from The Initiative to protect Daniel from becoming a casualty.  Emily begged Aiden to allow her to stop him from doing anything stupid, but he was indeed on a downward spiral.

Jack waged a war with Conrad after learning that he was not willing to sell back the bar to him. Emily was not too pleased to be disturbed by a call by Daniel as she and Aiden attempted to dive deeper into discovering what happened to Aiden’s sis, Colleen. Aiden and Emily were forced to face a harsh reality, just as Nolan decided to confront Padma about her ulterior motives.

Emily and Aiden paid a visit to Colleen’s grave as they both shared stories about people they lost.  It was indeed one of the most emotional moments from Ms. Emily Thorne, as her former flame turned his back on her.Victoriawas finally able to get through to her bull-headed son about his mischievous business associates.  Unfortunately,Victoria was unaware that Helen was watching them.  Emily,Charlotte, Declan and Nolan attended the nuptials of Amanda and Jack.

It was a tough moment for Emily who fantasized her fairytale wedding to Jack.  The childhood memories and the memorabilia were teary eyed for everyone involved.  How could Emily sit through this moment without wanting to confess to Jack the truth?  Emily was well aware something was off with Daniel as he decided to call off their budding romance. Helen paid a threatening visit toVictoria informing her about the consequences of her actions.  The queen bee was quite scared of what she heard. Evil vs. evil at its best; but it appears Victoria had a trick up her sleeve, which Helen fell for, asVictoria pulled a gun on her enemy.  POW! She shot Helen dead!  I couldn’t believe my eyes,Victoria did the unthinkable.  This is indeed a game changer for the season.

Amanda and Jack enjoyed their honeymoon, just as Charlotte and Declan panicked about finding the baby’s pacifier.  Conrad and Daniel were stunned to see Helen’s dead body, just how in the world do they plan to clean up this mess?  Emily and Aiden continued to bond over people they have lost.  In a tragic turn of events, the eldest Ryan brother has implemented a sinister plan that will indeed claim someone’s life.

If we thought this week’s episode was shocking, next week will unveil what audiences have been waiting for since the start of the season: someone close to Emily will die!  Will it be Jack, Aiden, Daniel, Amanda,Charlotte?  Start makes your guesses as its bound to have people talking for days. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers.

By LaDale Anderson