“Revenge” Recap: ‘Victory’


HOLLYWOOD—Just when so many people were beginning to check out of juicy ABC drama “Revenge” audiences were allured by a game-changing bombshell in Sunday’s episode ‘Victory.’  Emily (Emily VanCamp) continued her plan to take down the Grayson clan, unbeknownst that a close ally of Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) would be a casualty thanks to The Initiative.

Emily did her best to mend her relationship with Jack (Nick Wechsler) who continues his vendetta to learn the truth about Amanda’s demise.  With a bit of help from Declan (Connor Paolo), Jack was able to make contact with Kenny Ryan, who adamantly informed Jack that he doesn’t own a boat and is not the person who rescued him.  Kenny made a game-changing decision to provide Jack with the audio tapes of the conversations between Nate [his brother] and Conrad (Henry Czerny).  This fell right into Jack’s plan as he took Conrad’s offer to assist him with his campaign trial for Governor.  I have an inkling that Conrad may be in for a surprise or two.

Nolan, Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) initiated their plan to rescues Padma’s father, while providing The Initiative with the Carrion program.  Nolan was stunned to learn that Emily had already set-up new identities for Padma and her father, in an effort to protect them from The Initiative.

It was still a difficult dilemma on the Eli situation; is he good or is he bad.  Emily estranged foster brother worked their old foster mother who tortured both Emily and Eli as children, and it looked like both were out to settle a score, as Emily attempted to gather old ‘belongings.’ Eli is a devious fiend to say the least as he worked Amanda and his estranged foster mother to gain a lot of income.

Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) relished in her opportunity to provide charity to Amanda’s foster mother; it appeared to be a ruse in my opinion, she has an ulterior motive the audience is not aware of.  Aiden and Nolan’s plan to take out The Initiative after Padma gave them the Carrion software backfired.  Now, Padma and her father are both captors and Nolan’s tracking device was no match for the super elusive group. Biggest question is just who was that third person in the vehicle?  Is it someone we’ve already met or a mystery guest yet to be unveiled?

At the charity event, Eli dropped a bombshell describing the horrors of his foster mother’s residence.  In a move of retaliation, she announced that it was Eli who started the fire that burned down the house, not Amanda!  This news rocked Amanda’s world as she realized her life could have completely changed if she knew the truth.  Eli attempted to mend fences with Emily who was an emotional wreck. He chooses to confront his foster mother and locked her away in the furnace to get information on the missing letters Emily was searching for from her father.

In an apparent final meeting, Eli admitted juicy news to Emily that the letters were purchased by none other than Mason Treadwell.  Emily paid the duplicitous writer a visit in prison to get details about the letters her father wrote.  Mason did his best to keep secrets from Emily, but when she threatened him by indicating she is his key to salvation or death, he gave up the information.  Miss perfect, Victoria Grayson has another son!  This is twisted news to say the least, as our Grayson matriarch has never mentioned any of this.  Emily’s smile on her face said everything, as I’m certain she has plans to knockVictoriaoff of her high horse.  Wonder how Daniel, Charlotte and Conrad will react to the explosive news.  Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson