“Revenge” Shocking Finale: …..Dies!


HOLLYWOOD—Let’s be honest season two of “Revenge” has not been as thrilling as season one, but trust me when I say the season two finale provided one hell of a wallop for eager fans who have been holding out hope.  “Truth, Part 1” and “Truth, Part 2” gave audiences a salacious 2 hours of the drama Sunday night.  And after all the chaos, two bodies may have been casualties. Declan and Aiden!

The episode picked up right where its previous episode ended with a massive blackout plaguing the residents of The Hamptons and New York City thanks to The Initiative. Nolan (Gabriel Mann), Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) speculated ways to get energy flowing back in the city, as they pondered just exactly what The Initiative’s end goal was.  Daniel (Josh Bowman) protected Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) during the chaos, just as Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) found herself alone with Jack (Nick Wechsler).  The Queen Bee continued to take jabs at Jack, as he questioned her about her love for David Clarke and that he has a laptop with proven evidence.  Conrad (Henry Czerny) ushered his volunteers to be safe, as Ashley (Ashley Madewke) picked his brain on his latest plan.

Victoria and Jack broke into Conrad’s safe and located a gun, just asVictoriahid a folder about ‘Jack Porter,’ but he took the bait on the folder about ‘Amanda Clarke.’ Emily had to grapple with the fact that she may lose another person that she cared for. Declan (Connor Paolo) discovered that Charlotte’s new BFF has a major crush on her, just as the power came back on.  Daniel was afraid that the blackout could be targeted on him and not Aiden. Victoria alerted her aloof husband that Ashley and Jack are working together.

Em’s was literally stunned to find Takada’s dead body, considering he was the man that taught her everything she knew. Our heroine just can’t catch a break; everyone that she cares about seems to die, it’s so unfortunate, that in her quest for vengeance, it’s those that she cares about that get hurt. Declan found himself getting set-up, and stupid Charlotte once again not seeing what’s in front of her eyes.

Victoria confronted Daniel about Emily’s pregnancy; unfortunately it’s not Emily who is pregnant, its Charlotte, which knocked Victoria off of her feet.  Jack stumbled across a piece of evidence indicating that Amanda was inJapan. I’m wondering how Conrad and Victoria got their hands on those folders with that confidential information. Aiden urged Emily to disappear with him, but not before she learned that he was responsible for Takada’s murder. The two then went into a full-blown fist-fight, and it was revealed that Takada’s fiancé was also onboard that tragic plane that exploded. He was using Emily and Aiden as pawns to accomplish his on goals.

Daniel began to panic about his server, just as Emily recognized the guy in Takada’s photo. Victoriatook Declan under her wing to question him about getting her daughter pregnant. He was stunned by the news as well, as mama bear threatened him.  Jack received a text from Ashley that actually came from Conrad himself.  What a dirty little Devil. Aiden came to grips with his actions, but Nolan dropped a bombshell when he revealed that Emily left forJapanto protect Jack Porter. Charlottegot wise and droppedRegina, but is it a little too late?

Jack was walking into a trap at Grayson Global to be assassinated by another member of The Initiative. Emily made a mad dash to rescue Jack from an unforeseeable fate. Conrad Grayson gave a vehemently powerful speech, pushing his run for candidacy as a surefire bet, but found himself making another deal that caused a ripple effect with everyone’s cell phone triggering an explosion at the Grayson Global building.  Surprise, surprise, Jack was not in the building, so who was caught in that explosion?  It was Declan!

Nolan revealed to Jack that Victoria was looking for her long lost son, and that Conrad tried to blow him up.  Emily did her best to divert Daniel away from her.  Ashley was stunned to see Jack, and both realized that Conrad and Victoria were working together to murder him, from a distance Emily spotted the duo. Charlottenearly fainted upon learning that Declan was in the building explosion. Conrad is in big trouble; Jack will be out for more than just blood now!

This twisted web of deception, just keeps getting more tangled.  I couldn’t be more on the edge of my seat!  Emily provided Jack with an update on Declan’s condition. Declan told Jack that he’s going to be an uncle.Charlottetold Emily that she preggers!  Em’s going to be an aunt!  Aiden paid Emily a visit where the two discussed walking away from it all, but she refused. Emily and Nolan panicked when neither were aware of Jack’s location; looks like they have been duped.  Conrad reassured his son, the power of the Grayson name minus the finances. Conrad admitted that he knew the explosion was going to happen.  Nolan overheard that Declan’s heart is not in the best condition.  This can’t be good, Jack already lost his wife, there’s no telling what will happen if he loses his brother.

Emily and Victoria exchanged jabs, realizing that they have more in common than they’d like to agree on. Emily was stunned to watch the news and see that Aiden has been apprehended. Daniel informed Victoria that Conrad knew about the explosion, which she was alarmed to hear. She was fed up with his antics for once and spit in his face. It was not a stellar spit if you ask me.  It was utterly unfathomable to watch Jack watch the video of Declan saying goodbye to his older bro.  Nolan had to break more heartbreaking news to his dear friend.  It was sensational acting from both Nick Wechsler and Gabriel Mann.

A frazzled Jack pointed a gun at Victoria who begged him to end her misery, but he wanted her to suffer and agonize in pain, leaving her the task of telling her daughter that her baby’s father is dead and that her hubby is responsible for it. The FBI invaded Nolan Corp and arrested Nolan for the terrorist threats against theU.S.!  What the hell just happened?! Daniel came face-to-face with Aiden, as the guys went toe-to-toe in a fist fight to the finish.  Daniel showed up to his father’s event with a bloody shirt.  Did he shoot and kill Aiden?  We’ll have to wait until next season to find out. The body count this season is utterly rising.

Emily rushed to get backstage, but was halted.  She informed Ashley that Jack is out for blood and had intentions to kill Mr. Grayson.  He didn’t utter a tear upon hearing the news of Declan’s death, which didn’t hold up well with Ashley.  I have a feeling she will be edging towards vengeance herself in season three.

Nolan pleaded his case to the authorities on The Initiative’s true intentions, but a video of Padma releasing his involvement appears to be detrimental information for his case.

Victoria got a blast from the past when her son Patrick showed up at her door step.  We didn’t get to see a face though, which is a pity as I think audiences have eagerly wanted to put a face to the mystery figure.  Jack began to plan his final shot, just as Emily begged him to stop.

In a game-changing move, she admitted to Jack the truth: that she is Amanda Clarke!  Her identity is out of the bag.  This was not expected, I was secretly hoping he would have put a bullet into the mischievous Conrad Grayson. So many questions have been left unanswered to the audience in this epic finale.

Is Patrick someone the audience has seen before? Will Jack go through with his plan to take out Conrad Grayson?  Is Padma really alive?  What will happen with Nolan?  Is Aiden really dead? Fall 2013 can’t come soon enough.  Until then “Revenge” lovers, this is a season finale that has to be watched a second time, it was just that juicy!

By LaDale Anderson