SAN LEANDRO—Ricky Sports Theater and Grill faces closure due to major financial complications that come as a result of the closure of indoor dining due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to the negative impact that the closure of indoor dining has had on their finances, Ricky’s owners Ricky and Tina Ricardo are also having to deal with Ricky’s Alzheimer’s disease.

Since 1946, Ricky’s has welcomed hundreds of fans of the Raiders, A’s, and other Bay Area sports teams to drink beers and watch the games. The sports bar has long claimed to have more flat screens per square foot than any other sports bar. It is especially popular among Raiders fans, being a longtime spot for the Oakland Raider Nation to come together as a community to watch the games.

In an attempt to help save this institution, customer Dr. Robert Gingery launched a GoFundMe page with the goal set at $100,000. Gingery told Amy Graff of SFGate that he hopes to raise enough money “to get Ricky’s through this COVID shut down period and perhaps allow them the funds to open outdoor dining until we get there.”

San Francisco News tried to contact the sports bar for comment, but the restaurant’s phone number has been disconnected.