UNITED STATES—Working in sales is a tough industry.  A majority of individuals who are working in sales earn commission. That is the key word: commission. Some have a base pay and commission; others are getting paid solely on commission.  That is something that scares many consumers.  You go into a retail shop looking for a product and before you know it the salesperson is trying to get you to purchase this and that and everything else.

Why can’t sales people be honest?  Perhaps some of the sleaziest salespeople are car salesman.  They rely heavily on commission to survive, so if you’re in the market for a new vehicle they may not always be looking out for your best interest their goal is to sell you the most expensive vehicle possible because it’s a higher commission for them.

Same can be said for those people who work at furniture stores.  Most work on base plus commission, but it’s the one place I dread entering.  Its almost like before you even step foot into the store there are like 5-6 floor people hounding you; I’ve just enter the store can you give me a second to breathe. It’s a type of pressure that is a huge turnoff to customers.  Most people have an idea of what it is they want, and not having some time to process that is quite annoying to say the least.
I absolutely hate entering a store that I frequent often and the customer service is just too overpowering.  I understand to greet people and ask if they need help is apart of doing your job, but asking a customer countless times if they need help when they just informed you or your fellow associate they do not is frustrating. To provide great customer service is not all about over-pleasing the client, it’s about addressing any questions or concerns that the client may have to ensure they are pleased with the product or service that has been provided to them.
When people think of sales they think of money!  Don’t look at sales as an arena where countless income can be earned, while that is true, most people who frequent in the sales arena prefer to work with people.  They love the interaction element and the idea of putting a smile on someone’s face makes many people giddy on the inside.  You’ve accomplished a goal that is difficult for many others to do.

By Trevor Roberts