SAN FRANCISCO—The San Mateo Police Department arrested a San Francisco rideshare driver who attempted to rape a woman on New Years Day in 2018.

While off duty, Richard Silverio 43, offered a woman a ride who was waiting for another rideshare driver to take her to San Carlos. The woman accepted the offer and got into Silverio’s vehicle.

Once they made it to San Carlos, Silverio pulled over behind a building on the 300 block of El Camino Real. He retrieved a knife and told the woman he wanted sex in exchange for the ride.

The woman fled from the, but Silverio chased her. Once he caught up to the victim, he attempted to rape her. The woman escaped and got help at a nearby gas station.

Officials from the San Mateo Police Department gathered evidence through a year-long investigation that led them to Silverio. He was arrested on Thursday, January 9, 2020 on charges of rape, assault to commit rape, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

The San Francisco News asked the detectives involved in the investigation what rideshare company Silverio worked, but have yet to receive a response.