HOLLYWOOD—Just when I thought Sarah was officially done with Xander Kiriakis on “Days of Our Lives” she finds herself tied to him forever. How so? Sarah is pregnant people and Xander is the father of her child. She was bewildered when she learned the truth and making matters worse is the fact that she is trying to hide the big secret. Maggie attempted to talk some sense into her daughter who has been using Rex as a distraction. Maggie doesn’t trust Rex and rightfully so as he already broke Sarah’s heart more than once.

Rex is just happy to be back in Sarah’s life; do I think he wants more? Absolutely, but it is no secret that Sarah still holds a strong torch for Xander. They are good together, but if Xander could just resist those dangerous temptations they could be a solid couple people. Nope, he has Gwen on one shoulder and Sarah on the other and for some reason Gwen has him turning to the dark side.

Gwen, Xander and Leo are now in cahoots with Jack and Jennifer’s paper, but with Jack and Jennifer leaving Salem, and Sonny leaving as well. Sarah learned what Gwen and Xander did to Jack and it made her even more livid with her ex. I feel like the jig is up for Gwen and Leo. What are the writers planning to do with them to keep the characters relevant in Salem? Yeah, their time looks like it is up people. Gwen has sensed that Xander is not ready to move, it struck her to the core that Xander is not all in on her.

Leo is surely spreading the gossip, including the big news involving Allie sleeping with Alex. It might be gossip, but Sonny, Will, Allie won’t care because they’ll be enjoying life in New Zealand. Stephanie already heard about it and explained to Alex his personal life is his to live. I mean he will be plenty busy as he suspects to be the CEO of Titan, but little does he know Maggie is about to take over those reigns and let the friction between Victor’s wife and his nephew continue to make waves.

The big news I wanted to discuss was the revelation that it was Megan Hathaway, Tony’s sister (he didn’t even know about her), stole the orchid leading to the demise of the ‘lives’ of Kayla, Kate and Marlena. After a bit of nudging in the afterlife, Jake was able to get Nick to let the women return to their souls on Earth. The ladies awoke in cryogenic chambers in a lab, and came face-to-face with Megan who explained all. The audience doesn’t know exactly what Megan’s end game is, but it’s apparent she is hoping to utilize the ladies to bring someone dear to her back to life. Who is that person? I’m not sure just yet, but I’m hoping the reveal is a big shocker for viewers.

Roman, John and Steve assured all that the plan to kill Orpheus is off, yes the villain who makes a return at least once a year is still alive people, for now. I’ll be happy when viewers wrap up this storyline because it is not as exciting as the writers think it is. With that said, Sloan and Eric are done for the moment after he stole information that he utilized to get Rolf to sign a statement and put Li in the slammer. Sloan is a slick attorney as she issued threats to Eric and he threatened back with her ability to practice law. Like I said in previous columns, this new Eric is such a treat for viewers because we’re seeing him embrace his dark side, which we all have people.

Eric and Brady kidnapped Stefan and forced Rolf to deprogram him, which worked. Stefan wants Gabi, but she’s in a bit of a pickle. We’ll talk more about that in a bit. Eric and Brady found themselves arrested as a result and Belle came to the rescue yet again with her eagle expertise. She helped Brady, but not Eric, talk about sibling rivalry. Brady poured his heart out to Chloe hoping to reunite, as Stefan explained his true love is Gabi. Speaking of Gabi, she signed an agreement with Li to get her hands on his shares of DiMera in exchange to staying married to him for 6 months. Yeah, Li is really hoping to have another shot with Gabi, but with Rafe in her ear and Stefan back to normal, Li’s grip is certainly going to loosen as Gabi’s heart wants what it wants.

The Tripp, Chanel, Wendy and Johnny quad-triangle is about to get more complicated with Wendy and Tripp living together. Johnny and Chanel have plenty of time to bond now that Allie is out of the picture, and with Gabi and Li also living at Allie’s former place all sorts of chaos looks like it is about to erupt people. There are interesting dynamics people just as the ware between EJ and Stefan heats up with Nicole playing a role. It looks like a disaster is waiting to happen people.