SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, November 12, the Board of Supervisors will meet and decide whether to approve a settlement between the city of San Francisco and Neal Schon, guitarist in the band Journey.

The settlement is in regards to a lawsuit that was filed against the city of San Francisco by Journey guitarist Neal Schon and his wife Michaele Salahi. The couple sued the city in February after discovering that the city had increased the price of their December 2013 wedding when it was discovered the wedding was going to broadcast on pay-per-view.

The December wedding themed “Royal, Sexy, Magic” was expected to cost the couple $58,000, but they ended up paying $240,000 for the nuptials. According to Schon, they were informed merely days before their wedding, which was going to be held at the Palace of Fine Arts. Schon agreed to the price because he believed that it was the regular rate.

According to the suit, Schon was charged an extra $100,000 for a “premium reservation fee” and $50,000 for a “park regeneration fee,” but the standard rate for renting the Palace of Fine Arts is only a mere $350 down with an additional $100 for every hour that the place is occupied.

The settlement reached $290,000, which would cover the cost that the couple paid for their wedding plus additional funds if approved the Board of Supervisors.

Schon is known for being the guitarist of the rock band Journey, founded in San Francisco in 1973, who gained fame for their song “Don’t Stop Believin’” which was released in 1981. Michaele Salahi is known for starring in the Bravo reality show “The Real Housewives of D.C.”