UNITED STATES─I’ve wanted to talk about this for some time now America because it raises the biggest question of all: why are so many small business owners being denied money the government set aside for them? I mean a $2 trillion stimulus package was enacted to help Americans and businesses sustain life in an unprecedented time. Yes, Congress was quick to act on making things happen, but at the same time, the POTUS and other members of Congress cannot sit during a press conference and say everything is going well when it is NOT.

Businesses who need the PPP loan to sustain their work force and stay afloat are not getting those funds. Why? Banks are playing favoritism and games to their advantage. I totally see why so many people are against banks nowadays. They are greedy little bastards and sometimes they are more focused on their bottom-line than helping those who need the help.  I mean I’ve heard all sorts of stories that are NOT being reported in the media. How some banks are requesting that you have a prior account or a credit card with them to qualify for the loan, how if you don’t have a company credit card it disqualifies you from contention, and a load of other things.

Simply put, if the bank DOES NOT want to loan you the money they have the opportunity to make that decision. I think this was a haste decision by the federal government, Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury Department to allow bank to have such control. To be honest I would have been happier if the federal government was in charge of approving who gets the loans and who don’t. I mean didn’t we bail out the banks in 2008 and what did they do in the process. They just screwed the American public over yet again.

I hate to say this because I wish it weren’t true, but banks are looking out for themselves right now, not the American public. It’s shameful to say, but its business. They have one goal and one goal only, to ensure their survival. With that said, I’m more angered at the fact that large companies and corporations are benefiting from the PPP loans over the small businesses who are in desperate need of that funding to ensure their operations don’t go kaput. The government has taken note of it, and many of those companies have already received funding and those funds are probably already or well spent people.

The government has already put those companies on notice to return those funds especially if they are NOT in need to ensure the businesses, the mom and pop shops that provide to so many local communities are able to keep their doors open and their employees (who are much smaller in scale) working. The loans are not the easiest to apply for, the number of glitches in the computer system with most banks is unfathomable and more should be done to hear the stories from businesses that are encountering and dealing with issues.

You cannot put a blanket over a problem and not address it, when it is a given such a problem exists people. Turning a blind eye to something that is so obvious to the rest of the world is the reason we have so many problems with businesses staying afloat right now. At least some companies are willing to acknowledge the problem, like Chick-fil-A who returned millions back to the government to ensure those monies were available to those who needed them.

I mean the process opened on April 3 to apply for the loans, and it seemed in less than a week the funding was gone. The federal government already approved ANOTHER package to provide more funding for the PPP loans in hopes that those businesses that TRULY need the funds to continue operations have access to that money. I just can’t help, but argue it seems everything goes back to greed in this country. People are always aiming to have more of something that they already have no matter who receives the short-end of the stick in the long run. If the funds were allocated properly there should be enough for everyone to sustain, but we live in a world where not many of us acknowledge there are others out there who need help just as much if not more than us.