SAN FRANCISCO—On Saturday, April 23, the Solar Impulse 2 continued its historic flight around the world by making a stop in San Francisco. The plane powered only by the sun is waiting at Moffett Field in Mountain View for the wind to die down before it begins its next leg of the journey.

Sky7 HD of ABC7 News caught the historic flight on camera as the Solar Impulse 2 arrived in San Francisco flying over the Golden Gate Bridge. The plane had finished its Trans-Atlantic flight from Hawaii in under 60 hours.

To celebrate the achievement of a successful flight, the plane flew above the San Francisco Bay for several hours, capturing pictures of the San Francisco skyline.

The plane is piloted by Swiss explorer and psychiatrist Bertrand Piccard, who is very excited to be the pilot of such a historic venture. The goal is to prove that a plane can fly without fuel and reach its destination safely and economically simply with solar power and batteries. However, Piccard has his own mission that is so much bigger than just flying a plane around the world.

“It is more than an airplane,” said Piccard in a statement. :It is a concentration of clean technologies, a genuine flying laboratory, and illustrates that solutions exist today to meet the major challenges facing our society.”

The Solar Impulse 2 is a second generation solar powered plane. The first plane of its kind could only fly 24 hours at a time, but now with the addition of better batteries, the plane can fly much longer distances.

The wings of the new plane span almost the equivalent of a 747 jumbo jet, with the solar collectors installed on top of them.

The plane is currently scheduled to depart Moffett Field on April 29 at dawn when the high winds are supposed to die down. Once departed, it will have a long journey across the Atlantic, through Europe and back to the Middle East where the iconic journey began 13 months ago.