SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, February 12 Spotify announced its new Work-From-Anywhere program that will pay New York and San Francisco-level salaries to employees working remotely anywhere in the world.

Spotify announced Friday, February 12 that employees will now have the opportunity to choose whether they work from home, at an office, or a combination of the two, in any location, with consultation with their manager. If employees choose to work somewhere without a Spotify office, the company will supply a co-working space membership. In addition, employees moving away from big cities won’t see a salary reduction.

“Most of our offices are in large cities like New York, London and Stockholm, but we know that moving to or staying in these cities isn’t always realistic – or attractive – to potential employees,” Travis Robinson, head of diversity, inclusion, and belonging, told Business Insider.

“This is an opportunity to scrap the idea that big cities are the only places where meaningful work can happen because we know first-hand that isn’t true. We want employees to come as they are, wherever they are and whatever their circumstances are,” he said.

Spotify has over 6,550 employees across 73 countries who will now be able choose their work situation. As the pandemic continues, workplaces have had to adapt to new circumstances.

“The events of the past year have accelerated my and the Executive Team’s thinking about the future and we believe that the time to start transitioning into becoming a flexible/distributed-first company is NOW,” wrote executives

Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, and Dropbox are among other media giants that have opened the door to remote work options after the pandemic. This trend could lead to changes for San Francisco as workers find themselves untied from the physical locations of their workplaces.