SAN FRANCISCO—A San Francisco man was arrested and charged with attempted murder following a stabbing incident at a BART station on Saturday, April 7. The attack took place at BART’s Oakland Coliseum Station at 2:52 p.m. Authorities apprehended Robert Dolph, 32, of San Francisco for stabbing three people.

Dolph boarded the BART train at the Civic Center Station in San Francisco at which point BART officials noticed the man “acting erratically with verbal outbursts.” Two siblings a male in his 50s and a female in her 60s exited the train at the Coliseum Station. Footage of the actual stabbing was captured by bystanders. The victims did not know the suspect. When the victims exited their train car at the Coliseum Station, the suspect followed. As they approached the fare gates, the suspect pulled out a knife and began stabbing the brother and sister in an attack that appears to have been unprovoked.

Robert Dolph was arrested for stabbing two people at a BART station on Saturday, April 7.

Good Samaritans intervened to stop the suspect who stabbed both victims in the head, and another man was sliced on his hand. The victim who was sliced on the hand was able to pry the knife from Dolph’s hand, as another individual held the suspect to the ground. Ambulances arrived on the scene to transport the victims to a local hospital where the sister was listed in fair condition, while the brother was listed as critical, but stable.

Dolph was booked at the Santa Rita jail in Dublin. He acknowledged his involvement in the crime during an interview with investigators. The knife was recovered at the scene. The Coliseum Station was shut down for close to 2 hours as the investigation took place.

Written By Seymone Khaleghi and Donald Roberts